THE END. Why it’s just the beginning

Last week I wrote the best two words I’d written all week: THE END.

And now, the next phase of work begins: revisions. This is the point where I go through my book until my eyes bleed. Because I can’t look at everything I want to fix/check out all at once, I pick a few things for each round. First round? Going through the notes I wrote while writing the book, along with adding comments for fact-checking and time line check.

Next up is motivation, reaction for actions, etc. This, followed by dialog checks, spots that slow the pace and what to do about it, layering. This is all before I worry about a single misspelled word. And yeah, I still go over that part before my crit partners or editor sees the book.

If you’re a writer, how do you do it? What’s your method?


5 thoughts on “THE END. Why it’s just the beginning

  1. I edit as I go. So by the time I get it to you and Donna to read, I tend to have a pretty good draft going, at least story wise. Grammar and spelling are done later, but then I suck at both of those.

  2. Much the same as yourself. First edit is about consistency. Does this even make sense? Then another quick once-over for little nagging changes. Then I’ll get a professional editor’s eyes on it.

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