Warm couch, hot chocolate, and your favorite snuggle buddy

Winter is being a bit stubborn here on the east coast. Reports of blizzards, colder than normal temps means many of us would rather stay inside. What better way to spend it than with a cup of hot chocolate, a great book, and a companion. Here's my favorite reading companion: First up, a special offer … Continue reading Warm couch, hot chocolate, and your favorite snuggle buddy


Halloween Wordplay

Since it's nearing Halloween I thought we'd have a little fun with words. Let's start with the word dead. Ever wonder about where the expressions dead ahead, dead last, or dead meat came from? Well, thanks to the Free Dictionary, now you do. How about the word skeleton? Sure, we might all know what it … Continue reading Halloween Wordplay

A Diabolically Good Halloween Book Sale

Yes, yes. I DID use the words diabolical and good next to each other. For the entire month of October, my publisher, Skyscape is running an ebook sale on both The Haunting Season and Of Shadow & Stone.  I don't have control over when these titles are on sale, and this is the cheapest I've seen them … Continue reading A Diabolically Good Halloween Book Sale

Amazon Prime Members Can Read For Free

My publisher has informed me that one of my novels, OF SHADOW & STONE, is part of the Amazon Prime lending library for a short time. This means that Amazon Prime Members can read it for free.  Yep. Free. Here's the link: Amazon Or, just one-click buy a copy for $2.99.  "Of Shadow & Stone is … Continue reading Amazon Prime Members Can Read For Free

2 Books, 2 Sales. Decisions, Decisions..

My publisher, Skyscape, has put the e-book version of The Haunting Season on sale in the UK  for the month of  January.  If you're looking for a good haunted house story set in the south, check it out. Amazon UK Not in the UK? It may not be on sale, but it's still only $3.99. Prefer Print … Continue reading 2 Books, 2 Sales. Decisions, Decisions..

How to Write A Thriller

I've poured over countless manuals on writing. Characters, voice, descriptions, plot points. I've read bestselling thrillers until my eyes burn. I've paid attention to all the ups and down and emotional rollercoasters necessary to make a story un-put-downable. But the best lesson I've ever learned in writing came from baseball. Okay, so this isn't just … Continue reading How to Write A Thriller

Diary of the Damned – ALL the news!

  There is a lot to tell you about Diary of the Damned this month. First, the e-book is ON SALE! The sale starts today and lasts through October 31, 2016. The earlier you grab your copy, the more you save. The book starts out at 99 cents and then goes up to $1.99 before … Continue reading Diary of the Damned – ALL the news!

Sunday Sampler: Diary of the Damned

Blurb: “Allison said that, in time, he’d come for you. For what it’s worth, Evy, I believe her.” Evy Breen has worked hard to forget her past. She's changed her appearance and moved from her hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky, to Knoxville, Tennessee, where she does her best to fit in. Evy’s past catches up … Continue reading Sunday Sampler: Diary of the Damned

Top 20 Halloween Reads

Love horror? I mean good, classic, make you afraid of the dark horror like I do? I'm a fan of horror that's less gore, more scare. I appreciate horror that lets my imagination scare me. So what are my favorites? In no particular order:   The Haunting of Hill House The Shining The Stand Salem's … Continue reading Top 20 Halloween Reads

Diary of the Damned Launches!

It's release day for DIARY OF THE DAMNED! I'm really excited about this book. It's equal part supernatural suspense and horror. But  this isn't your mother's exorcist. Sure, it has your quintessential demon and loads of scares to keep you afraid of the dark, but there's more to the story. It's a story of friendship, trust, overcoming … Continue reading Diary of the Damned Launches!

Ultimate Horror Book & Prize Giveaway!

I love Halloween. It's been my favorite holiday as long as I can remember. Every year I participate in something. This year, I'm part of a HUGE giveaway. Now I know what you're thinking. You'll venture up the dark path, scary music in the background, only to be handed a couple e-books. Nope. How about … Continue reading Ultimate Horror Book & Prize Giveaway!

Cover Reveal for Diary of the Damned

Coming September 2016 - the highly anticipated sequel to the bestselling novel The Haunting Season I can finally share the cover to Diary of the Damned! I love this cover. I've always envisioned the cover looking like a real journal and can't wait to see it in paperback. While I don't yet have the official launch … Continue reading Cover Reveal for Diary of the Damned


Be careful what you let in… Siler House has stood silent beneath Savannah’s moss-draped oaks for decades. Notoriously haunted, it has remained empty until college-bound Jess Perry and three of her peers gather to take part in a month-long study on the paranormal. Jess, who talks to ghosts, quickly bonds with her fellow test subjects. … Continue reading First Chapters – THE HAUNTING SEASON