Be careful what you let in… Siler House has stood silent beneath Savannah’s moss-draped oaks for decades. Notoriously haunted, it has remained empty until college-bound Jess Perry and three of her peers gather to take part in a month-long study on the paranormal. Jess, who talks to ghosts, quickly bonds with her fellow test subjects. … Continue reading First Chapters – THE HAUNTING SEASON


Kindle Books for £1! 50% off Print Books!

  There's a lot going on this month, but what better way to start it than a SALE! 40 Books.  £1 each. Yep. You read that right. Amazon has over 40 ebooks on sale this August.  On that list is THE HAUNTING SEASON! YES! And you'll want to grab a copy because the sequel, DIARY OF THE … Continue reading Kindle Books for £1! 50% off Print Books!

The Monsters We Love (And What They Say About Us)

  As a society, we’re endlessly fascinated with monsters. But why? Sure, some of us just like a good scare—it triggers an adrenaline rush similar to the one experienced by our “get off the couch” thrill-seeking friends. The freaks. But why monsters? Or more specifically, monsters of the supernatural variety. While we may also be fascinated with … Continue reading The Monsters We Love (And What They Say About Us)

Thursday Teaser: TOUCH

An abandoned dog. A girl, equally broken. Some bonds are forever. Touch. An excerpt from the novella, Touch, included in my short story collection NATURE'S FIFTH SEASON. Touch is the one story that got to both my husband and a male critique partner. Of all the stories in the collection, I get the most mail regarding Touch and … Continue reading Thursday Teaser: TOUCH

Sunday Sampler: OF SHADOW & STONE

    Kate tossed and turned, trying not to think about Ian. Whenever she did, she thought of how Michael had managed to change her after all, and how she’d have to fix that. It wouldn’t be easy, but it wouldn’t be a fresh start if she brought along so much emotional baggage. Declan’s words … Continue reading Sunday Sampler: OF SHADOW & STONE

Where Do I Get My Ideas From? (Plus a few book recommendations)

When people ask where I get my story ideas from, my response is usually: “From my childhood.” This might be considered fairly disturbing since I mostly write dark fiction. After a moment or two, I explain that my mother was a diehard mystery novel fan, my brother loves horror movies, and my sister is a … Continue reading Where Do I Get My Ideas From? (Plus a few book recommendations)

Top Tips For Eye Strain and Computers

As an author, I spend an incredible amount of time in front of my computer. My eyes are often dry, and I suffer from eye fatigue at the end of each day.  After spending a little time researching eye strain and computers, this is what I found: 1. Choose a sans serif font. Helvetica, Ariel, and Verdana all seemed … Continue reading Top Tips For Eye Strain and Computers

50% Off Kindle Books & 10% Off Audio & Print

  Amazon is launching a sale for AARP members starting now through October 31st!  Both THE HAUNTING SEASON and OF SHADOW & STONE are included. It doesn't look like you can sort by genre, so it's like sifting through a bargain bin. Still,  you know I'd greatly appreciate the support if you selected one of my titles. From Amazon's … Continue reading 50% Off Kindle Books & 10% Off Audio & Print

Tuesday Teaser: OF SHADOW & STONE

Description: Humans are so unobservant. All they have to do is look up… and hope the gargoyles looking back down don’t target them as prey. Gargoyles were created centuries ago to protect mankind, but something went horribly wrong. Now only the sentinel—a mortal chosen to control the stone beasts—stands between them and their human prey. … Continue reading Tuesday Teaser: OF SHADOW & STONE


            I had just pulled into the driveway from running errands when I got a message from fellow author Theresa Kay telling me that USA Today had reviewed OF SHADOW & STONE. My first thought was... "Whaaaaat?"       And then I clicked on the link Theresa sent and there it … Continue reading USA TODAY: OF SHADOW & STONE is a Must-Read!

Behind the Scenes: The Story TOUCH

Last week I announced the cover reveal and upcoming release of my short story collection, Nature's Fifth Season. I promised to tell you more on the day the book released and why one story was personal. I've always loved short stories. I used to write them all the time. Then I began writing novels instead. … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: The Story TOUCH

Friday Night Frights – Scariest Novels

Thirteen Creeptastic Books to read for the Haunting Season: 13. THE COMPLETE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE 12. DRACULA - Bram Stoker 11. HOUSE OF LEAVES - Mark Danielewski 10. BOOKS OF BLOOD - Clive Barker 9. THE WOMAN IN BLACK - Susan Hill 8. THE AMITTYVILLE HORROR - Jay Anson 7. MRS. PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR … Continue reading Friday Night Frights – Scariest Novels

Ten Books That Have Stayed With Me

There's a big trend on FB where authors and readers list 10 books that have stayed with them in some way. In no particular order, here's mine and why: 1. JUNGLE BOOK, Rudyard Kipling. I loved this book as a kid. My mom read it to me before I ever learned to read, and later, … Continue reading Ten Books That Have Stayed With Me