Scare Me to Sleep



Eleven bestselling and award-winning authors bring you twelve short stories to creep you out. Stories to keep you guessing with their psychological torment and some that have just enough blood to make you keep the lights on at night. The best part is 100% of the proceeds will go to, Reach Out and Read

Dorothy Dreyer – The First Mourning
Daniele Lanzarotta – It Follows
Devyn Dawson – Level 10
Michelle Muto – The Goblin
Shebat Legion – The Ballad of Maria Sanchez
Charlotte Bennardo – Faces in the Wood
Tressa Messenger – 104 China Grove
Josh Walters – The Chair
Susan Burdorf – Missing and Presumed Lost
Nicole Zoltack – The Maze of the Mind
Teresa Hardister – Sweet Child of Mine

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