The 2019 Atlanta Writing Workshop

I rarely make appearances, but I'll be an instructor at the 2019 Atlanta Writer's Workshop on March 9th. I'm teaching Writing Other Worlds — a Guide to Blending Setting, Plot, and Character in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Aside from teaching, I'll be doing 10-page critiques and offering one-on-one in-depth critiques for attendees. Space for critiques … Continue reading The 2019 Atlanta Writing Workshop

How to Write A Thriller

I've poured over countless manuals on writing. Characters, voice, descriptions, plot points. I've read bestselling thrillers until my eyes burn. I've paid attention to all the ups and down and emotional rollercoasters necessary to make a story un-put-downable. But the best lesson I've ever learned in writing came from baseball. Okay, so this isn't just … Continue reading How to Write A Thriller

Where Do I Get My Ideas From? (Plus a few book recommendations)

When people ask where I get my story ideas from, my response is usually: “From my childhood.” This might be considered fairly disturbing since I mostly write dark fiction. After a moment or two, I explain that my mother was a diehard mystery novel fan, my brother loves horror movies, and my sister is a … Continue reading Where Do I Get My Ideas From? (Plus a few book recommendations)

Tools of the Trade: Software for Geeky Writers

A lot goes into writing: the time, effort, sleepless nights, editing, copyediting, proofreading, artwork. Some tasks I hire others for: copyedits, proofreading, cover art, and some marketing. All told, it's an expensive endeavor. All this and we haven't discussed the tools that are part of the process. So what ARE the tools of the trade? … Continue reading Tools of the Trade: Software for Geeky Writers

How to Raise a Mockingbird

For the past week, I've been kicking around a new idea. I know, I'm always kicking around ideas. This one happened to be around a thriller. I sat in my office, moving index cards around, trying to see if the new shiny idea was worth pursuing.  Ronan, my dog and sidekick, was intensely focused on … Continue reading How to Raise a Mockingbird

So You Want to Write A Novel

  Every now and then when I tell people I’m an author, they ask for advice on writing their own novel. It usually starts out something like this: “Oh! You write books? I have this really great idea for one! I’ve always wanted to write. Do you have any advice?” I always answer the same. … Continue reading So You Want to Write A Novel

THE END. Why it’s just the beginning

Last week I wrote the best two words I'd written all week: THE END. And now, the next phase of work begins: revisions. This is the point where I go through my book until my eyes bleed. Because I can't look at everything I want to fix/check out all at once, I pick a few … Continue reading THE END. Why it’s just the beginning

The Writing Process Blog Tour

Welcome to the Writing Process Blog Tour. I was tagged by my awesomesauce crit partner, Steve McHugh, author of the Hellequin series. What's the tour all about? Authors talk about their writing process, as well as briefly touch on what they're currently working on. Then, they pass the torch to three other authors. 1. What I'm working on... … Continue reading The Writing Process Blog Tour

Oh, the Editing Process!

Ah! The writing process! As writers, we go through highs and lows when writing. We LOVE new ideas. We love the first days of working on something new. But after months of work, the revisions start. It's when writers find major plot holes and issues. It's when we start to have a love-hate relationship with … Continue reading Oh, the Editing Process!

A New Year’s Resolution

I don't normally make them. We all know we promise ourselves to do something and then we don't follow through. But this year, I broke my own resolution NOT to make a resolution. It started with the stress and the insomnia over the holidays with the new book release. Nothing with The Haunting Season  has been … Continue reading A New Year’s Resolution