92.6 The Blitz – Indie Artists Unite!

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Love indie films? Indie music? Indie books? Then you’re going to love internet radio station 92.6 The Blitz.

Fellow author Thomas Amo has hit this one out of the ballpark. He and his wife Ashton live in California, and Tom has Hollywood roots. He’s been an actor, written scripts, and owned his own playhouse. Now, he’s working on a radio station for indie artists of all sorts. While the radio station plays some of the BEST indie music around, the DJ’s talk about books and movies, too.

Tom has a few DJ’s and programs you’ll love. From California, Tom Slick, Arabella Fox & Tori Leigh. Niki Jai from the UK, Johnny Van Veld from Canada, beginning today, Lauren V from Sydney, Australia.

Think indie isn’t on par with the big boys and girls? Think again. These guys are incredible! No, really!

Listen to these tunes:

And check out the group Hunter. If you like the sound of U2 & Daughtry, I think you’ll like them. I wish I could post the video to the song Two Hearts, but alas. Here’s the link to the song from their site. I LOVE these guys!

And you already know that the Sundance Film Festival has had produced some top-notch films and popular films: Winter’s Bone (Starring Jennifer Lawrence), Reservoir Dogs, Four Weddings and a Funeral, American Psycho, and The Usual Suspects. It’s also launched the career of some well-known directors: Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Todd Field, David O. Russell, Steve James, Paul Thomas Anderson, Steven Soderbergh, Darren Aronofsky, the Cohen brothers, and James Wan.
And the book artists? I’ll let you be the judge.

I’m one of those indies. An editor from Amazon publishing imprint, Skyscape, read my former indie book THE HAUNTING SEASON in 2013 and signed me on for a two book deal. It also landed me one of the best literary agents in the biz. I’m half indie, half traditional — aka a hybrid. Without Amazon supporting indie authors I never would have reached the readers I have, never would have landed a two-book contract, never have landed a top agent, and would never have reached the top 100 rank on Amazon and top 50 on Barnes & Noble back in 2013.

I love indies. I’ve never lost my indie roots. Today is the first day of Tom’s Indie Book Talk. Guess who he’s mentioning? Yep. Yours truly. Listen to the show. I’m on there twice. Once with Tom (he mentions how much he enjoyed DON’T FEAR THE REAPER and THE HAUNTING SEASON), and another with Lauren V where she gives OF SHADOW & STONE the nod for the featured book of the week.

If you’re looking for something new and fresh then please go check out 92.6 The Blitz. Listening to the station and supporting all the talented artists is free, but the hard work and countless hours spent honing their craft, and Tom’s time and effort to bring you the best isn’t free. If you discover and love a book, musician, or film Tom mentions, then please consider contributing to 92.6, buying the music, books, and movies from the artists Tom mentions.

I know, I’m not posting about books. But I honestly believe in kindness, paying it forward, and supporting my fellow artists.


4 thoughts on “92.6 The Blitz – Indie Artists Unite!

    • I’m over the moon in love with the songs above, Tom! Thank YOU so much for everything – your support, your fandom (blushes), your kindness, and your friendship. I’m thankful for all that you do for indies of ALL sorts. You’re truly a gem, and I’m happy to help support you and my fellow start-up artists.

      P.S. If I haven’t already, you know I’ll be following them on FB & Twitter. 🙂

  1. Hi Michelle! Thank you for including my song in this post today! I love all the other songs from the other artists you included today as well. I am looking forward to keeping up with your blog! Have a wonderful day!

    Savannah Philyaw

    • It was my pleasure, Savannah! Uh-Uh is one of those songs you can’t help but sing along with, and you have a beautiful voice.

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