Sunday Sampler: The Book of Lost Souls


Just a typical Mother/Daughter conversation, at least for Ivy and her mom….. 

“Fine. She was a fairy, okay? A fairy princess with an apparently edible dragonfly tacked to her dress. But she would have made a better dung beetle. Suits her personality.”

“Ivy,” her mother said soothingly as she took a seat next to her. “You’re a beautiful young girl. You’re top of your class and can perform some very advanced spells for a witch your age. Sometimes that intimidates boys. I’m sure that’s why no one asked you to the party and that’s okay—”

“Mom!” Ivy interjected. This was embarrassing. She hated it when her mother decided they were going through some pivotal mother-daughter moment. Ever since he left them, her mother went overboard during times like this, trying to compensate for two parents instead of one.

“When I was your age, I didn’t have a boyfriend, either. It’ll come, sweetheart. Maybe if you were a little more sociable. Not that I’d ever complain about your grades, however your people skills could use a little work.”

Ivy avoided looking at her mother, trying not to show her growing annoyance. She didn’t want to hear this. Instead, she petted her dog, a rare Kindred breed known as a Beezlepup. Some people mistook them for a fox-dog hybrid or even part coyote, but every Kindred knew that Beezlepups were pure mischief, which apparently was the perfect breed for Ivy lately. Devlin lifted his head and looked at her with his beady, slanted eyes.

“Someone did ask me, Mom. I just didn’t want to go with him. Can we drop this?”

Her mother clasped her hands together and her face brightened. “Who?”

Ivy patted Devlin’s side and he rolled over, eager for a belly rub. Ivy obliged. “Nick.”

“Nick Marcelli?” her mother asked. “Ah! I understand why you didn’t want to go with him.”


“Well, he’s a demon, Ivy,” she said in the same tone she’d used when they had their mother-daughter talk when Ivy turned twelve. “They’re a little intense. You’re not ready to date a demon.”

Ivy frowned. She was more than ready. If she wanted to date Nick, she could. Nick clearly liked her. And she’d have no problem handling a demon. She wasn’t a child, after all. She was one of the most responsible and intelligent girls in her entire class.


“Now, Ivy, it’s okay. You really haven’t dated much, so I understand he might be a bit much for a first boyfriend.”

“I said I didn’t want to go with Nick. Not that I couldn’t,” Ivy nearly shouted. Raven was right, it was safer to want what she couldn’t have. Besides, if she went out with Nick, how long before he grew tired of her? Look where love had gotten her mother—broken hearted. A mischievous dog was all Ivy cared to deal with. A troublesome boyfriend? No thanks.

“I’m not interested in Nick,” Ivy reiterated.

“Oh?” Her mother looked puzzled. “Then why do this, Ivy?”

“Dean Matthews,” Ivy replied in as small a voice as possible and still be heard. She didn’t want to have to explain it further than that.

“OH!” her mother said, eyebrows raised. She leaned forward and smiled wickedly. “So…you used Spike to try and make Dean jealous? Isn’t he dating the dung beetle princess?”

Ivy managed a laugh. “Yeah, Tara Prescott, the dung beetle princess.”

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