I Can FINALLY Share the News!

First, I'd like to thank my incredible agent, Scott Miller at Trident Media. Yes! I never  announced it over the summer because everything just hit all at once. In early July, I accepted offer of representation from Mr. Super Rock Star agent from an equally rock star agency and... are you ready? I just signed an … Continue reading I Can FINALLY Share the News!

The Future of the Printed Word

  Before we get started, I want to make it clear I'm not pro one way and con the other. I love both ebooks and print and I don't believe the love of one means the dislike of the other. Are we good? Good. Let's get on with it then. Recently, I bought an iPad … Continue reading The Future of the Printed Word

A New Year’s Resolution

I don't normally make them. We all know we promise ourselves to do something and then we don't follow through. But this year, I broke my own resolution NOT to make a resolution. It started with the stress and the insomnia over the holidays with the new book release. Nothing with The Haunting Season  has been … Continue reading A New Year’s Resolution

Indie Chick: Talia Jager

It's Sunday, and aside from it being Easter Sunday, it's also Indie Chick Sunday. So, pull up a chair, some candy, and meet Talia. Paper, Pen, and Chocolate “Mom!” a voice yelled from the other room. “Make her stop!” “I didn’t do anything!” another voice yelled before I could even get up to see what … Continue reading Indie Chick: Talia Jager

Indie Chick: Julia Crane

Another week, another story from one of the Indie Chicks: 25 Independent Women, 25 Personal Stories. This week, please welcome Julia Crane.   Julia Crane Moving to the Middle East Separation was normal in my marriage. My husband was in the military, and usually gone six months a year. We had adapted quite well to … Continue reading Indie Chick: Julia Crane

Indie Chick Carol Davis Luce

Another week, another great story from another Indie Chick. This week, it's Carol Davis Luce who really knows her stuff when it comes to suspense. Here's Carol: SELF-TAUGHT LATE BLOOMER Carol Davis Luce             My motto is, “If I can do it, anyone can do it.” I wasn’t born to write. I didn’t aspire to … Continue reading Indie Chick Carol Davis Luce

Indie Chick: Christine Kersey

Sorry for the delay in posts, folks. I've been dealing with some family issues this week. Nothing serious. Just family. Y'all know the drill. Anyway, I'm back from my trip. Announcement: Contest winner for Laura Elliott's Transfer Student has been emailed. I'm waiting on a reply and will announce the winner tomorrow. Stay tuned! Okay. … Continue reading Indie Chick: Christine Kersey