Tools of the Trade: Software for Geeky Writers

A lot goes into writing: the time, effort, sleepless nights, editing, copyediting, proofreading, artwork. Some tasks I hire others for: copyedits, proofreading, cover art, and some marketing. All told, it's an expensive endeavor. All this and we haven't discussed the tools that are part of the process. So what ARE the tools of the trade? … Continue reading Tools of the Trade: Software for Geeky Writers

Learn Scrivener Fast

  Learn Scrivener Fast. So you’ve downloaded the free trial of Scrivener or bought it outright because you keep hearing just how wonderful the app is. People sing its praises like no other. Except you just don’t get it. You’ve opened the app and stared at it, wondering how to make sense of it all. … Continue reading Learn Scrivener Fast