Cruel Book Summer Event Friday the 13th

              Friday the 13th is coming! You all know how I love Friday the 13th. I'm part of an author event and sale Friday the 12th, featuring Don't Fear the Reaper. I'll also be on FB between 12 and 3pm for Q & A and author meet and greet. … Continue reading Cruel Book Summer Event Friday the 13th

Sunday Sampler: The Book of Lost Souls

  It occurred to me that I've never posted the first chapter of THE BOOK OF LOST SOULS. I've always loved teen witch Ivy and company. They're different from the darker books I tend to write. I can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud while writing this book. When I wrote the last … Continue reading Sunday Sampler: The Book of Lost Souls

Tuesday Teaser: Don’t Fear the Reaper

  It's been a while since I've posted a teaser or snippet from any of my books. Here's a few snippets  from various chapters of DON'T FEAR THE REAPER, Keely Morrison's point of view. The photo above was taken in Savannah's Bonaventure Cemetery. Seeing the last name Morrison, I couldn't resist snapping this shot. — … Continue reading Tuesday Teaser: Don’t Fear the Reaper

Using Amazon’s Advanced Search Feature for Books

Searching online for books isn't as easy as browsing through most large bookstore's shelves. In a bookstore, you can easily find the Mystery section, or Sci-fi, or Fantasy. And while Amazon has many more genres than even the largest bookstore, finding new books can be... difficult, if not time consuming. There's a little-known feature on … Continue reading Using Amazon’s Advanced Search Feature for Books

#TellMeAGhostStory A Heaviness by Jonathan L. Cory

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who had the scariest story of them all? Fan and reader Jonathan L. Cory. Here's Jonathan's creepy experience in a small town in an old church: We have a small town back home that is known for a history of witchcraft. A good friends family took over a small church … Continue reading #TellMeAGhostStory A Heaviness by Jonathan L. Cory

Coffin Hop 2013 is HERE!

It happens once a year: dozens of horror authors team up to do a blog hop complete with awesome prizes, scares, interviews, excerpts, and more! When? October 24th! And it lasts through Halloween. Click THIS LINK to check out all the participating authors. You never know what you'll win. It's the biggest virtual Halloween trick … Continue reading Coffin Hop 2013 is HERE!

#TellMeAGhostStory Bus Stop

by Lynda Wood She was found under a secluded rural bus stop sign.  She held tight to a stuffed toy and a wooden pop gun. The blood on the apron of her dress already changed from bright red to a muddy brown.  The police are gone.  All the evidence they needed has been bagged and … Continue reading #TellMeAGhostStory Bus Stop

#TellMeAGhostStory: Dangerous Encounters

Ready for another creepy tale of the macabre? Then pull up a seat and read this week's winner DANGEROUS ENCOUNTERS written by Donna Dull who tells us that not all ghosts are harmless manifestations. Halloween is a time when one should expect ghosts and ghouls, yet I wasn't as I jogged up the stairs. The … Continue reading #TellMeAGhostStory: Dangerous Encounters

#TellMeAGhostStory Winner #1: Haunting Amy

  Got Ghosts? No? How about a ghost story? Come on! It's all in the spirit of Halloween. Last week, reader Amy had a few creepy experiences to tell on my FB author page, and this week she's here to share them with the rest of you. So gather 'round and let's hear Amy's tale. … Continue reading #TellMeAGhostStory Winner #1: Haunting Amy