Tools of the Trade: Software for Geeky Writers

A lot goes into writing: the time, effort, sleepless nights, editing, copyediting, proofreading, artwork. Some tasks I hire others for: copyedits, proofreading, cover art, and some marketing. All told, it's an expensive endeavor. All this and we haven't discussed the tools that are part of the process. So what ARE the tools of the trade? … Continue reading Tools of the Trade: Software for Geeky Writers


The Week In Review

First up, wishing my sis a VERY happy birthday tomorrow. Love ya, Sis! Sorry for not posting much lately, folks. There's something about being on tour, redoing basement floors, and organizing things in my life that have taken up far more time than there is in a day. TEAM MINION!  In book news, I've started a … Continue reading The Week In Review