Thursday Teaser: TOUCH

An abandoned dog. A girl, equally broken. Some bonds are forever. Touch. An excerpt from the novella, Touch, included in my short story collection NATURE'S FIFTH SEASON. Touch is the one story that got to both my husband and a male critique partner. Of all the stories in the collection, I get the most mail regarding Touch and … Continue reading Thursday Teaser: TOUCH

Nature’s Fifth Season Playlist

I know a lot of writers listen to music as they write. I'm one of the ones who can't. Usually, I'll wait until I'm working on revisions, then choose songs I think fit the story. It occurred to me that I never made a playlist for NATURE'S FIFTH SEASON. So, without further ado...     TOUCH While … Continue reading Nature’s Fifth Season Playlist

Behind the Scenes: The Story TOUCH

Last week I announced the cover reveal and upcoming release of my short story collection, Nature's Fifth Season. I promised to tell you more on the day the book released and why one story was personal. I've always loved short stories. I used to write them all the time. Then I began writing novels instead. … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: The Story TOUCH

Cover Reveal: Nature’s Fifth Season

Description: Four short stories and one novella from author Michelle Muto. Eleanor Two teens meet their match during a home invasion when they encounter the elderly homeowner. The Goblin An eight-year-old boy ponders the rules of monsters and the creature that lives under his bed. Crossroads A midnight trip across a desolate highway takes a … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Nature’s Fifth Season