MacSparky Field Guide: Paperless

  I started down the path of going paperless a few years ago. Except that the word, paperless, isn’t exactly accurate. For me, it’s more like paper less. Besides the cutting down of countless trees, the chemicals it takes to process said paper and what all this does to the environment, having papers everywhere is … Continue reading MacSparky Field Guide: Paperless


Going Paperless – First Steps

I've been meaning to get around to this for some time now - a series of posts I call Digital Me. While the focal point of my blog is all about writing and books, I can't help but notice how popular some of my geeky posts have become. Welcome to the first Digital Me post, … Continue reading Going Paperless – First Steps

Getting SuperGeeky: Paperless Workflow w/ my Mac & Hazel

I've posted a few posts early last year on going paperless. Why go paperless? I hate filing. I love to geek. I love the environment. I despise clutter. For the extra geeky, and for those with a Mac, read how I automatically scan, then have my Mac name, file, sort, and mark documents for possible … Continue reading Getting SuperGeeky: Paperless Workflow w/ my Mac & Hazel