Friday Night Frights: Scary Movies

For the last installment of Friday Night Frights and Coffin Hop, let's talk about movies. Here are 13 movies sure to make you keep a nightlight on.   13. Poltergeist 12.  The Evil Dead 11. Signs 10. The Omen 9. Jeepers Creepers 8. The Ring 7. Nightmare on Elm Street 6. Scream 5.  Halloween 4. The … Continue reading Friday Night Frights: Scary Movies


Friday Night Frights

Time for another round of Friday Frights. This week, it's creepy commercials.   13 Alton Towers   Before there was Annabelle, voodoo doctors puts human souls in dolls.   And there's this creepy clown commercial:   I scream. You scream. We all scream over this ice cream. This is probably why … Continue reading Friday Night Frights