Photostream and Lightroom

Recently, I had a need to convert my photo library to Lightroom 6 from Aperture. The why and how is a another rabbit hole (and subsequent post). And for those who are wondering, I found out you can still buy a copy of Lightroom 6 (downloadable or disk) instead of the expensive monthly subscription. Here's where … Continue reading Photostream and Lightroom


Tools of the Trade: Dropbox

I spend months working on a manuscript. The last thing I want is to have my computer's drive die, or just as bad, rewrite entire scenes and then realize I didn't save the previous version anywhere. And let's get one thing straight - drives die. It's not a 2% or a 5% chance, but 100%. … Continue reading Tools of the Trade: Dropbox

Geek Stuff for Writers

It's been months since I last posted something techie. I found a few things which might be of interest or use to other writers. THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT. First up are two apps from the Apple App Store: Library List (99 cents), and Local Books (free). Library List keeps records of books you have … Continue reading Geek Stuff for Writers