Friday Night Frights

Time for another round of Friday Frights. This week, it's creepy commercials.   13 Alton Towers   Before there was Annabelle, voodoo doctors puts human souls in dolls.   And there's this creepy clown commercial:   I scream. You scream. We all scream over this ice cream. This is probably why … Continue reading Friday Night Frights


Top Ten Creepy One-Liners

Let's have a little fun, shall we? Scary (or humorous, depending on your viewpoint) One-liners: 1. Getting up at 3AM to close closet doors you didn't open. 2. Being woken by the growling dog, wondering, "Who's there?" and then remembering you don't have a dog. 3. When the baby monitor goes off — in the attic. … Continue reading Top Ten Creepy One-Liners

What Scares You?

My mother was afraid of heights and cockroaches. A former coworker admitted he was absolutely terrified of clowns. A friend is so afraid of snakes that she can't even touch a drawn image of one. I've known a few people who are afraid of flying. Me? Spiders. They're not right. Eight-legged things that suck the … Continue reading What Scares You?