If you are in the UK, THE HAUNTING SEASON is on sale until November 9, 2015. It's not often that my publisher puts the book on sale, so don't miss out if you haven't already read it. And, if you have read it, why not recommend it to a friend? If you're not in the UK, … Continue reading THE HAUNTING SEASON is on Sale!


Friday Night Frights – Scariest Novels

Thirteen Creeptastic Books to read for the Haunting Season: 13. THE COMPLETE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE 12. DRACULA - Bram Stoker 11. HOUSE OF LEAVES - Mark Danielewski 10. BOOKS OF BLOOD - Clive Barker 9. THE WOMAN IN BLACK - Susan Hill 8. THE AMITTYVILLE HORROR - Jay Anson 7. MRS. PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR … Continue reading Friday Night Frights – Scariest Novels