Mac Power Users 100th Podcast: I’m Nerd Girl

Anyone who knows me knows I'm Nerd Girl. The way I oooh! and ah! over new gadgets, software, and ways to trick out my workflow is akin to the way some of my friends go crazy over shoes, jewelry, or the recipe for a killer dessert. I can get excited telling people how I've automated … Continue reading Mac Power Users 100th Podcast: I’m Nerd Girl

Getting SuperGeeky: Paperless Workflow w/ my Mac & Hazel

I've posted a few posts early last year on going paperless. Why go paperless? I hate filing. I love to geek. I love the environment. I despise clutter. For the extra geeky, and for those with a Mac, read how I automatically scan, then have my Mac name, file, sort, and mark documents for possible … Continue reading Getting SuperGeeky: Paperless Workflow w/ my Mac & Hazel

Going Paperless: Data Security

Okay, so you've eliminated junk mail, opted out for all those credit cards, and set up a small portable file system to help you manage all incoming paper. You've decided on a file naming convention. Now what? Before you sign on for on-line bill pay and eBills, consider how you'll protect your data. I mean, … Continue reading Going Paperless: Data Security

Going Paperless: Digital File Keeping

Short post this week as I'm knee deep in the new manuscript. On my last paperless post, I mentioned a few baby steps to help get you started. I'll expand on that this week. Before you get started with scanning, you'll want an idea of how and where to keep all those digital copies. What … Continue reading Going Paperless: Digital File Keeping

Tools of the Trade: Dropbox

I spend months working on a manuscript. The last thing I want is to have my computer's drive die, or just as bad, rewrite entire scenes and then realize I didn't save the previous version anywhere. And let's get one thing straight - drives die. It's not a 2% or a 5% chance, but 100%. … Continue reading Tools of the Trade: Dropbox

Geek Speak – Back Ups

For those that know me or have read my bio, I love almost all things relating to computers. Well, it's more of a love-hate relationship at times depending on what I'm working on. This week has been a blast. I've downloaded some pretty cool free apps for the Mac and the PCs, and I've downloaded … Continue reading Geek Speak – Back Ups