iOS 13 Reminder Sync Workaround

So Apple updated Reminders. And then they released iOS 13 - for phones. Not iPads. If you updated your phone and reminders, you'll notice that you can't sync or even see reminders between any of your other iOS or Mac OS devices. Bummer. Apple says that all you need to do is update to Catalina. … Continue reading iOS 13 Reminder Sync Workaround

How to Write A Thriller

I've poured over countless manuals on writing. Characters, voice, descriptions, plot points. I've read bestselling thrillers until my eyes burn. I've paid attention to all the ups and down and emotional rollercoasters necessary to make a story un-put-downable. But the best lesson I've ever learned in writing came from baseball. Okay, so this isn't just … Continue reading How to Write A Thriller

The Monsters We Love (And What They Say About Us)

  As a society, we’re endlessly fascinated with monsters. But why? Sure, some of us just like a good scare—it triggers an adrenaline rush similar to the one experienced by our “get off the couch” thrill-seeking friends. The freaks. But why monsters? Or more specifically, monsters of the supernatural variety. While we may also be fascinated with … Continue reading The Monsters We Love (And What They Say About Us)

Where Do I Get My Ideas From? (Plus a few book recommendations)

When people ask where I get my story ideas from, my response is usually: “From my childhood.” This might be considered fairly disturbing since I mostly write dark fiction. After a moment or two, I explain that my mother was a diehard mystery novel fan, my brother loves horror movies, and my sister is a … Continue reading Where Do I Get My Ideas From? (Plus a few book recommendations)

Top Tips For Eye Strain and Computers

As an author, I spend an incredible amount of time in front of my computer. My eyes are often dry, and I suffer from eye fatigue at the end of each day.  After spending a little time researching eye strain and computers, this is what I found: 1. Choose a sans serif font. Helvetica, Ariel, and Verdana all seemed … Continue reading Top Tips For Eye Strain and Computers

The 101 Dalmatian Effect

As a dog lover/advocate, I notice that every new dog movie seems to spur an explosion of people buying breed X. It's a phenomenon known as the 101 Dalmatian Effect. I'm not blaming the directors or producers of any film. We are responsible for our own actions. Disney, Warner Brothers, and any other film company … Continue reading The 101 Dalmatian Effect

Thoughts on Jurassic World

  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. You'll find the usual great CGI animals, the typical romance thread, and the kids in peril thread as in prior Jurassic Park films. Because I'm a writer, an animal lover, and nature nut,  I couldn't help but notice the underlying messages in Jurassic World. I don't consider them spoilers. Still, read at … Continue reading Thoughts on Jurassic World

Ten Books That Have Stayed With Me

There's a big trend on FB where authors and readers list 10 books that have stayed with them in some way. In no particular order, here's mine and why: 1. JUNGLE BOOK, Rudyard Kipling. I loved this book as a kid. My mom read it to me before I ever learned to read, and later, … Continue reading Ten Books That Have Stayed With Me

When It’s Hard to Breathe

Today, it's hard to breathe. It has nothing to do with summer in the south. I'll tell you because we've come to know each other, Dear Reader.  July 20th marks the anniversary of my mother's death. She died of a long illness--heart disease.  She died in our home, in her own bed, in her sleep. Her … Continue reading When It’s Hard to Breathe

How to Raise a Mockingbird

For the past week, I've been kicking around a new idea. I know, I'm always kicking around ideas. This one happened to be around a thriller. I sat in my office, moving index cards around, trying to see if the new shiny idea was worth pursuing.  Ronan, my dog and sidekick, was intensely focused on … Continue reading How to Raise a Mockingbird

Feel Good Friday: Paws for Thought

If you've been following me on Twitter or read my bio, you know I'm a huge fan of random acts of kindness. You also know I love dogs. Here's a feel-good story that covers both. Meet Tucker, a lab/great Dane mix. After eating a ball, Tucker needed emergency surgery. His owner didn't have the cash. … Continue reading Feel Good Friday: Paws for Thought

Better Off Read: How to Succeed in Publishing

In the publishing world, everyone seems to be asking the next writer, "How do you do it? What's your secret?" Everyone wants to know how to get a top agent, get to #1 on Amazon, the NYT, or sell a gazillion copies. I've spent the past few years pondering this exact same question. I've even … Continue reading Better Off Read: How to Succeed in Publishing