iOS 13 Reminder Sync Workaround

So Apple updated Reminders. And then they released iOS 13 – for phones. Not iPads. If you updated your phone and reminders, you’ll notice that you can’t sync or even see reminders between any of your other iOS or Mac OS devices.


Apple says that all you need to do is update to Catalina. But what if you can’t because of other software you need or if you don’t want to? Or what if your Mac or MacBook can’t update to Catalina? Relax. It’s ok. You’ve got this.

I have a workaround. And all your reminders will sync up nicely. You won’t have to downgrade your iPhone, which would almost certainly require you to start it fresh as though it were a new iPhone. You probably don’t want to do that as you’ll spend HOURS and hours and hours putting back not only the app, but ALLLLLL the data. If you can.

Here it is:

  1. Use another iCloud acct. Don’t have one? Create one.
  2. Recreate your reminders on the new account. I know, that’s a pain if you have a lot or a lot of items in each list. You might want to log in to your primary Apple iCloud account on the web, then copy/paste them into a text file. Log out. Log into your newly created account and paste them back.
  3. Add the newly created iCloud account on all your iOS devices (iPads, iPhones). How?
    1. Tap Settings
    2. Tap Passwords & Accounts
    3. Tap Add Account
    4. Tap the Reminder setting to ON (green)

Now, regardless if you have iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook — regardless if you’re running Mojave, High Sierra, iOS 12 or 13, you’ll have all your reminders synced. No web interface needed. No waiting for an Apple issued fix. You’re good to go.

Did I help you out? Consider returning a favor. I’m an author and that translates into starving artist these days. I’d love it if you’d check out my books on Amazon. Maybe you’ll like what you see. Even if you don’t, maybe you know someone who does. Share on social media!

Remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Make it count. #Kindness

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