Halloween Wordplay

Since it’s nearing Halloween I thought we’d have a little fun with words.

Let’s start with the word dead. Ever wonder about where the expressions dead ahead, dead last, or dead meat came from? Well, thanks to the Free Dictionary, now you do.

How about the word skeleton? Sure, we might all know what it means when someone has a skeleton in their closet (or cupboard), and that a skeleton crew means that a minimal amount of people are working during a shift to keep a business running, but there’s also skeleton at the feast.

“Every time I have dinner with Reggie, it’s like there’s a skeleton at the feast.”

Now there’s a fun one. What does it mean? No, it’s not that Reggie is thin or that he doesn’t eat. It means that Reggie isn’t a cheerful or fun dinner date. In our example, Reggie spends most of the dinner complaining about his life and his problems. Maybe Reggie wants you to fix his problems. Maybe he just wants to be miserable and he wants you to be miserable, too.


But we’re on to Reggie. He can’t scare us. Let’s have some word fun, shall we?

Since we’re not blind as a bat, we see that Reggie is most likely bat-shit crazy for expecting us to listen to his problems all the time and look to us to either fix them or join in. We realize that Reggis is… an emotional vampire! Yep, he’ll drain the life out of us, turn us into an imprisoned zombie if we don’t break the spell he has on us.

I hear you booing. Clean up, isle 13!

But sir, we don’t have an isle 13.

*cue creepy music*

Of course, there are other Halloween-ish idioms. Some will inevitably come back to haunt me. Others might seem hauntingly familiar, but give the devil his due, will you?

Okay, okay! While my examples might not be scary good, they’re at least frightfully clean.

What turn of a phrase or idioms do you have for Halloween? Use them in a sentence in the replies.

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