Diary of the Damned Launches!


It’s release day for DIARY OF THE DAMNED!

I’m really excited about this book. It’s equal part supernatural suspense and horror. But  this isn’t your mother’s exorcist. Sure, it has your quintessential demon and loads of scares to keep you afraid of the dark, but there’s more to the story. It’s a story of friendship, trust, overcoming personal demons, and finding faith in oneself. Sometimes, the demons are in the hearts of those we trust. Until now, I’ve never apologized to a character for putting them through so much – until Allison.

I hope that you’ll take a look at DIARY OF THE DAMNED. For a limited time, you can buy the ebook for just $2.99 – but the sale won’t last. If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can nab a copy for free until December.

Buy It!        Read A Sample

Like print better? I don’t blame you – DIARY OF THE DAMNED is gorgeous in print! It looks like a journal and I can imagine it’ll be a great conversation starter. The print version will be ready midweek and should be available on Amazon, B&N, Book-A-Million, and Walmart.

These days it’s hard getting a book noticed. If you’d like to help me spread the word, I’d be ever so grateful.  Just click one of the social media links below, or share and RT my posts on Twitter and Facebook.


“Allison said that, in time, he’d come for you. For what it’s worth, Evy, I believe her.”

Evy Breen has worked hard to forget her past. She’s changed her appearance and moved from her hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky, to Knoxville, Tennessee, where she does her best to fit in.

Evy’s past catches up with her when she finds a package on her apartment doorstep. The package has no postmark, no return address. Inside is a note… and the diary of Evy’s missing best friend, Allison.

  The diary contains everything about their friendship, the bullying they endured, and Allison’s confinement at a psychiatric hospital for schizophrenia. Except Allison wasn’t schizophrenic. Allison was suffering from demonic possession.

According to the note, that same demon now has its sights set on Evy. The mysterious sender claims that, despite sliding into madness and depression, Allison inserted clues into her diary that might save Evy’s life.

As Evy reads her friend’s diary, she discovers secrets that Allison kept from her—the incidents surrounding the gruesome death of a former classmate and the truth behind a government agency more interested in embracing a demon than in exorcising it.

If Evy is to survive, she must return home. There, she must confront a life she prefers to forget and fight off an ancient and powerful demon set on revenge—if only she can decipher the clues her friend left behind.

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