Thoughts on Jurassic World



I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. You’ll find the usual great CGI animals, the typical romance thread, and the kids in peril thread as in prior Jurassic Park films. Because I’m a writer, an animal lover, and nature nut,  I couldn’t help but notice the underlying messages in Jurassic World. I don’t consider them spoilers. Still, read at your own risk.

* Our God complex about creating things we arrogantly think we can control fails. Again.

* Corporate greed ruins things for everyone. As usual.

* Our lack of respect for animals – animals are here to serve and entertain.

* Corporations ability to treat the employees as poorly as the animals in the park. Each is just a means to the end.

* Our habit of turning a blind eye to the outcome of our actions, or seeing things only in black and white. We never really listen outside of our own thoughts, wants, and demands.

* Our insatiable demand for bigger, better, badder, and our inability to enjoy and appreciate the simple things. We can’t be happy with great, good, or even good enough. We always have to have better, Better, BEST EVER (until next time) to the point of agitation and downright meanness. After all, it’s up to everyone else to keep us entertained and happy.

* We look down on those with less. We judge others poorly if they don’t subscribe to our viewpoints.

* Our lack of respect for each other – we’ve become a society of Me. We have a total lack accountability.

* We’re obsessed with power, fast machines, violence, and cool gadgets as a symbol of bad-assery. Instead, the real bad asses are the ones with dignity and respect – the ones willing to go to the mat for a cause.

And of course, my favorite not-so-subtle message: You think you’re somebody real special until you try ordering someone else’s dog around.

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