Nature’s Fifth Season Playlist

I know a lot of writers listen to music as they write. I’m one of the ones who can’t. Usually, I’ll wait until I’m working on revisions, then choose songs I think fit the story. It occurred to me that I never made a playlist for NATURE’S FIFTH SEASON. So, without further ado…



While it’s a paranormal story, it’s also a love story with heart. When I heard Wherever You Will Go by The Calling, I knew that it was perfect for TOUCH.





During his winter-long stay at an isolated mountain cabin, a man writes letters to a dead woman

Mama, by Genesis



A midnight trip across a desolate stretch of Florida highway takes a husband and wife further than they expected.

The one and only Highway to Hell by AC/DC


Remember when you were a kid and you were afraid there was a monster under your bed?

You were right. 8-yr-old Jeremy is sure there’s something under his bed, too.

Alice Cooper and Welcome to My Nightmare



Two teens meet their match during a home invasion when they encounter the elderly homeowner.


For just a $.99 for the eBook or $5.99 for the paperback the whole collection is a great read.





Books A Million




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