Of Shadow & Stone Signed Paperback

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I’ve loved gargoyles for as long as I can remember. Their history fascinates me, and although I touched on it in the book, I didn’t go into lengthy details in case it came off sounding like a history lesson. In short, they were originally meant to act as downspouts for buildings, but later were found mostly on churches as a means to ward off demons and other evil spirits.


Ironic when you consider that some gargoyles look like something out of a horror novel.


Some gargoyles are famous, some you’ve probably never seen or heard of, but might have walked under any given day – especially if you’ve been to Chicago, New York, or even the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC.


My office is filled with gargoyles. There are seventeen of them, to be exact. There are even more throughout the house and another one sits outside. There must be something about gargoyles. They have an uncanny way of going unnoticed. Even though it’s sat outside for sixteen years, not one person has mentioned the winged toad-like gargoyle just outside my front door. And with seventeen of them in my office (not counting pictures or book jackets) you’d think people who see my office would mention them, but they rarely do. And unless I point one of them out, no one notices the largest, most ghoulish one that looks down on my office from the top of the bookshelf. He’s sitting there watching as I type this. It’s not like it’s small, either – it stands nearly 22 inches tall and in nearly that in width if you count wingspan.

All you have to do is look up.

And now for the contest part: I’m giving away a SIGNED paperback of  OF SHADOW & STONE.
How do you win it?

Tweets, Shares, Likes. Take pictures of yourself with the cover of  OF SHADOW & STONE (Kindle or paperback) and post it on social media. Don’t forget to tag me. Follow me on Twitter, Like my FB author page, and otherwise spread the word.

The gargoyles and I will be watching. We’ll choose a winner at random.** Contest ends March 31st, 2015.

Okay, so I’m also using Rafflecopter as a means to help – especially when it comes time to contact the winner.

***US residents only (sorry guys! I love you to pieces, but it’s insanely cost prohibitive to ship outside the US). If you still want to join in, I’ll choose a winner to receive the Kindle e-book of OF SHADOW & STONE.



Want to read more? OF SHADOW & STONE is available at these retailers:

Amazon    Barnes & Noble    Books A Million



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