Friday Night Frights: Best Haunted Houses & Attractions 2014

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Looking for a frightfully fun evening? Check out this year’s Coffin Hop, including my custom Kindle Paperwhite giveaway and this week’s Friday Night Frights: haunted houses and attractions:


Norcross, GA

One of the U.S.’s  most famous haunted house attractions.


Fort Worth, TX
Hangman’s House of Horrors

Based on the legend of  the 19th-century serial killer, Hezekiah Jones, also known as Hangman. When Jones was caught, he was killed by a lynch mob. But when the gravedigger went to bury his body, it was nowhere to be found. Perhaps you’ll see Hezekiah Jones during your visit.


Nightmare Hollow

Enjoy Halloween in the great outdoors. Dark, winding trails. Murder. Mayhem. Possession. Need I say more?


Philadelphia, PA
Eastern State Pen
In use as a penitentiary from 1829 until 1971, it now boasts one of Philly’s greater Halloween attractions.


Haunted Chicago Ghost Tours.

Haunted America calls this tour one of the best.


Los Angeles
Haunted Attractions
From local graveyards to Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios, you’re bound to find a few good scares.


New York
Blood Manor celebrates ten years of frightfests.


Athens Halloween Block Party.

Fun for the whole family. Vendors, food, costumes.


Ghosts & Graveyards 
From ghost ships, graveyards, tours, the wax museum, and the Factory of Terror, there’s plenty to do Halloween night in bean town.


Forest of Fear

Bonfires. Miles of haunted trails.


Savannah, GA
The Sorrel-Weed house (the one that inspired THE HAUNTING SEASON)


Know of a great Halloween attraction? Let other commenters know, below.

Want to visit a haunted house without ever leaving your chair? Check out an interactive ghost story. Can you survive Savannah’s most notoriously haunted house?

8 thoughts on “Friday Night Frights: Best Haunted Houses & Attractions 2014

  1. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been to a haunted house and I kinda don’t want to lol but I love to watch episodes of Ghost Adventures where they investigate haunted locations… The spookiest one was in Scotland, the Edinburgh catacombs… Gosh. That was just aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *running away* 😉 Johanna aka the Manicheans

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