Creepy Home Decor

First, a disclaimer. I don’t have any of these things in my house. For the most part, my decor is normal. That doesn’t stop me from wondering just how many people I could scare if I did have a room with the following:


Let there be light…



Of course, no room is complete without furniture.

Like this coffee table. I searched everywhere for planchette coasters. How cool would that be? Can you imagine setting your drink down on the planchette coaster and it starts moving on its own?




You’d need a bookshelf, too.




And you have to have a place to sit.


pantera-sofa creepy-chair


And sleep. Talk about stow away bedding! I can just see this in the next episode of Tiny House Hunters.



How’s this for a dining room? The mirror is a nice touch.



I think this rug goes nicely with the Ouija board table, don’t you? Or maybe put it under the dining room table to bring the rooms together.




The living room and the bed idea come from All I know is that Dave must have one creepy imagination. Way to go, Dave! share-this


11 thoughts on “Creepy Home Decor

  1. I have a Pinterest board for stuff like this. It’s called Haunting My (Future) Mansion. I’ve got the Ouija rug and some similar bookcases, but I have to go add that chandelier … several rooms in my imaginary house would be improved by it 🙂

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