Learn Scrivener Fast

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Learn Scrivener Fast.

So you’ve downloaded the free trial of Scrivener or bought it outright because you keep hearing just how wonderful the app is. People sing its praises like no other.

Except you just don’t get it. You’ve opened the app and stared at it, wondering how to make sense of it all.

After a week of fiddling fighting with it, you give up. Not angrily, because you don’t want to admit that you can’t figure it out. You feel defeated.

Or, maybe you catch glimpses of the power behind Scrivener but don’t have the time to go through countless blogs and You-Tube videos. There’s so many of them! Where do you even start?

Enter Learn Scrivener Fast. Joseph Michael has spent considerable time creating a crash course that’s anything but boring. Do you only have ten minutes today? Five?

No problem. Joe’s training approach takes your time into consideration. The course is broken down into modules based on subject matter. Each unit within the training modules are short, 3-7 minute videos that show you each and every step. Set up your tablet or laptop, then open up Scrivener along for a hands-on approach. You’ll know before watching a video just how long each unit will take.

Want to review what you’ve just learned, but don’t want to watch the entire video again? No worries. Each unit also has the same screenshots seen in the video along with a quick explanation.

Once you’re done with a unit, check it off. The course will prompt you to go to the next unit. Had enough for the day? You’ll know exactly where you left off.

Start with the Basics module where you’ll learn everything from how to start a project, learning your way around Scrivener, getting organized, to printing, exporting, and compiling your project.

From there, move up to learning how to set up templates for exporting for ebooks, creating tables of content. Joe takes you step-by-step in how to format your book for Kindle, epub, iBooks, and even Smashwords. That’s right! You can learn how to easily and quickly format your own books.

Next, become a Scrivener Ninja. Yes, you. Joe shows you how to use collections, take snap shots of your work (revision control), use and modify index cards, make a synopsis and outline, importing Word documents into Scrivener, set session and project targets (always helpful for Nano), and more.

There’s even fun stuff included like custom icons, color coding options, and zen-like backgrounds while you work in full-screen mode.

When you’ve completed the course, you’re always welcome back to brush up on what you’ve learned. And, Joe is set on adding new material, which means you’ll be grandfathered in once you sign up.

I can’t possibly tell you all the topics Joe covers, but he can. Follow him on Twitter and join in on his next webinar. He’ll give you free pointers and show you around the course. Joe even offers a money-back guarantee.

Even after using Scrivener for six years, I learned a trick or two.

Where to find Joe the Scrivener coach:

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