All Work & No Play

Today, I hit SEND on the new manuscript. It’s officially with my editor at Skyscape a full TWO and a half months early!

It’s a dark fantasy/thriller/horror and is probably my most ambitious novel yet. This one has been a long time coming, guys.

I suppose you want a title? OF SHADOW AND STONE.

I’m going on record here and telling you that OF SHADOW AND STONE is my personal favorite. It also happens to be a beta reader’s and crit partner’s favorite story as well.

Did I mention that it’s dark?



Turning in the book early and giving each character a unique voice means that I’ve been burning a LOT of hours at the keyboard lately. A LOT of hours. Like almost non-stop.

As soon as I typed THE END, I immediately started with the first page, revising. Then I did it again. And again. And again. Days, nights, weekends.

Which means I haven’t had much of a life the past couple of months. Okay, so it’s been more like no life.



How do I feel after coming off 14-16 hour days of non-stop sitting at the computer?



The fix? Right after I finish this post, I’m  playing with installing  our new NAS (Network Attached Storage).  Yeah, I’m a total nerd and consider that stuff ‘fun.’ No, really. I do. Okay, so I’m also going to take some time away from the computer, too. A couple weeks. Then, I’ll be rolling up my sleeves and starting the next project while waiting for revisions.


5 thoughts on “All Work & No Play

  1. LOL! I will, Katherine. As soon as I get through my To-Do list of things around the house that I’ve been ignoring.
    I have so many ideas, three of which have been on my mind this past month.

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