Thanksgiving Week in Georgia

Every year about this time, it seems everyone loves to count the ways they’re thankful. The random acts of kindness in me wants us all to do this every day of the year. Not just Thanksgiving. But there is some truth to giving special thanks during the holidays. Here’s a few of mine in no particular order:

Tasha, my 14.5 yr-old Akita girl. I’m grateful for every year. I know this is her last Thanksgiving here on earth. Sometime all too soon, her angelic paws will be in heaven and the other angels will rejoice her homecoming. She’s my rescue girl, but never once have I ever thought we rescued her from the shelter years ago. She rescued us.

My sister. Earlier this year, my sister was diagnosed with stage II IDC (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma) breast cancer. Last Friday, she completed her third round of chemo. She completes her fourth round of chemo on my birthday next month, and the final round two days before her own birthday in January. I’m so thankful it was caught before it went further.

My brother in Florida. He’s not well, either. He looks horrible, sorry to say.  He’s suffered seizures for years. Yet, he’s still got that crazy sense of humor I love so well.

Family overall. With my parents and grandparents already gone, I’m VERY thankful for those still here. But then, this is one of those things where I’m thankful every day. No matter how much your family may drive you crazy, be thankful they are still here to do just that.

A network of some great fellow writers. I love hearing their success stories because every story  is proof that there’s always room for one more.

Of course, I could go on and on here. These are all the things I’m thankful for every day. Still, you’d become tired of reading them all.

But there is one more special person I’d like to give a  shout-out: You, dear reader. You.

While I AM thankful for you every single day, I wanted to take a moment to say how humbled I am that you’ve read and enjoyed my books. I’m grateful for the time you’ve spent writing reviews that help the next reader discover my work. I’m honored for the connection and enormously fun times we share on Twitter or my FB Author page.

I see the numbers and I know how many books I’ve sold. Now, I don’t make a lot, but I can tell you that even if I sold twenty times more it doesn’t change how appreciative I am to each and every one of you. Every single day, because of you, I get to do my dream job. You guys are simply beyond awesome. 

Thank you.

Wishing you and yours a very thankful season.


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