Hitting the Amazon Top 100

So this happened last week:

Amazon #90

Yes! That IS The Haunting Season at #90 in Amazon’s Kindle store! I might have screamed a little. And then this happened…

Amazon #1 YA Horror

And this…

Amazon Best Seller #2 Horror

For a few moments, I thought I’d hyperventilate. I took a few seconds to calm down before noticing I had made it to Amazon’s top movers and shakers list.

Amazon Movers & Shakers #12

But the REAL surprise? This…

Amazon Genre #45 author rank

That’s in the entire Kindle store! I had to laugh when I saw I was ahead of Richard Castle. I love that show. I know, I know. It’s really Nathan Fillion’s pic as Richard Castle and the author is a writer for hire. Still. It was pretty cute. But here’s the company I kept in ALL of Amazon’s top horror author rankings.

Amazon Author Rank Horror #2

OMG! Right? That’s Stephen King I’m bumping elbows with. And Dean Koontz! I  LOVE them both!

All this wasn’t limited to Amazon. Here’s where I sat on B&N:

B&N #24

Needless to say, I was on cloud nine and doing this:

happy dance photo: Happy Dance ArmFlailDance_zps21b5c51d.gif

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