#TellMeAGhostStory: Dangerous Encounters


Ready for another creepy tale of the macabre? Then pull up a seat and read this week’s winner DANGEROUS ENCOUNTERS written by Donna Dull who tells us that not all ghosts are harmless manifestations.

Halloween is a time when one should expect ghosts and ghouls, yet I wasn’t as I jogged up the stairs. The black hairspray and pale foundation had made me a perfect vampire, but just before heading out to the party I realized I had left my fangs. What was a vampire without fangs? Standing at the top of the stairs, I grabbed them from my mother’s end table. Something made me turn to face the empty stairwell, though I wasn’t sure what that was. A disembodied hand clapped around my ankle, yanking my leg out from under me and sending me tumbling down the stairs. I slammed into the wall where the stairs made an abrupt right turn, putting my head through the flimsy drywall. As I laid there, loopy from the shock, a presence came zipping down the stairs towards me. Though I couldn’t see anything, I could feel something coming for me. Something intent on causing me further harm. I climbed to my wobbly legs, determined not to be a victim again. I limped out into the hallway, glimpsing the open door what seemed like miles away. My muscles protested their rough treatment as I hobbled closer, something ominous lurking behind me. With a final lurch, I made it through the door. As I climbed in the car with my family, I looked back toward the house, though I could see nothing in particular to catch my notice. “What’s got you all worked up?” my mom asked as she pulled away from the curb. “Oh, you know, just your standard Halloween spooks.”


Most of my early stories were ghost stories. I don’t know if that was a result of my own experiences with the paranormal or just a macabre fascination, but ghost stories have always been close to my heart. It was that love of the paranormal that led me to writing and my publishing career.  Donna writes under the name Elizabeth Sharpe. You can find her on her blog and on Amazon.
Ready to tell your own ghost story? It can be fact or fiction. Yes, you. You in the corner, hidden by shadows darker than night. Won’t you come out and play?

Tell the best ghost story and I’ll host you and your story on my blog next week. Here’s how it works:
1. ON MY FB AUTHOR PAGE, start off with a title, preferably in caps. Then tell me a ghost story of 999 words or less. Of course, it can be any story of the macabre, fact or fiction. Remember, tell me the story on FB, not here! 

2. The story with the most Likes by Monday wins. I’ll announce the winner on my FB Author Page, and you’ll need to message me your email. Your story will appear on my blog that Thursday.

3. Tweet or share to encourage others to find your spine-tingling masterpiece.

Tweet (best if you add your story’s title and your name as part of the tweet):
Read my entry <TITLE> & vote for me in#TellMeAGhostStory http://on.fb.me/14XfEOp

Rules are simple: You must be the original author. Stories should be kept to 999 words or less. No links, no continuation posts, and stories must be complete (no to-be-continued, no stories requesting readers read the full story elsewhere).  Didn’t win? You’re welcome to enter again the next week.

Ready? It’s time to tell the tale.

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