Let’s have some fun. Tell Me A Ghost Story.  That’s it. Pull up a chair, turn out the lights, and tell me a ghost story. Except in the dark during the haunting season, you’re never alone.  There are others…

Tell the best ghost story and I’ll host you and your story on my blog next week. Here’s how it works:
1. ON MY FB AUTHOR PAGE, start off with a title, preferably in caps. Then tell me a ghost story of 999 words or less. Of course, it can be any story of the macabre, fact or fiction. Remember, tell me the story on FB, not here! 


2. The story with the most Likes by Monday wins. I’ll announce the winner on my FB Author Page, and you’ll need to message me your email. Your story will appear on my blog that Thursday.


3. Tweet or share to encourage others to find your spine-tingling masterpiece.

Tweet (best if you add your story’s title and your name as part of the tweet):
Read my entry& vote for me in #<span class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”in ” data-mce-bogus=”1″>TellMeAGhostStory</span> http://on.fb.me/14XfEOp

Rules are simple: You must be the original author. Stories should be kept to 999 words or less. No links, no continuation posts, and stories must be complete (no to-be-continued, no stories requesting readers read the full story elsewhere).  Didn’t win? You’re welcome to enter again the next week.


Ready? It’s time to tell the tale.

2 thoughts on “#TellMeAGhostStory

  1. You are by far one of my favorite authors. You are a true story teller. I look forward to reading more of your novels. I have just finished enjoying
    Haunting and Don’t fear the reaper.
    Thank you. Aaron

    • Aaron – Thank you! Wow! You have no idea how HUGE the smile on my face is right now. Thanks so much for making my day, my week.

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