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Hi everyone! First off, I want to thank Laura over at Little Read Riding Hood and Shirley over at Creative Deeds. This event wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them. They’ve put in a tremendous amount of effort and time and I love them dearly. I could probably write an entire post on just how awesome I think these two are. I’m the luckiest author alive to have them on my street team and even luckier to call them friend. If you’re an author or reader please check out their blogs, folks. Everything they do is for the love of books and it shows. And if you haven’t followed them on FB or Twitter or visited their blogs, you should. Go ahead and do it. I’ll wait.

As part of the event, each author is paired up with a blogger. Today, I’m paired with Ally from All Things In The Cloud Sweet. Although Ally lives far away in Mexico, there are times when it feels like she’s right here in Georgia. What can I say except that I adore Ally. We chat on Twitter now and then, and she’s not only one of the nicest people you’ll ever follow there, she’s smart and funny, too. Find Ally on Twitter and Goodreads.

Bloggers are always interviewing authors, but I think it would be fun to interview them instead! Since I adore Ally, I thought you’d like a chance to get to know her as well. Please give her a warm welcome.


2013-08-17 14.35.59

1.     What genres do you like to read?

I like so much  Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Science fiction, Suspense  and Young-adult

2.     How do you prefer authors contact you?

hmm… I think so in Twitter (I’ve met many authors here and is a little more rapid) or Facebook.

3.     What kinds of books or characters do you want to read more of?

A little more of Horror!!! a little creepy please!! Characters uhm more rockers, musicians or witches, ghosts, and beings from beyond.

4.     Which do you read more of: paperback books or digital?

Lately both, before, I read more paperbacks book but  some titles  called my attention and have not reached my country, so I decided to buy Kindles, little by little. It was a new experience rewarding.

5.     You’ve read The Haunting Season. What scene scared you the most?

… I would like to live in Siler House … but I scared in the scene is acerca mirrors, Riley … mirrors … I once read that the mirrors trap the soul  if once  you see at midnight .. and then read about mirrors in The Haunting Season …I got some of respect to the  mirrors you never know what may be behind them.

6.     When is your favorite time to read?

The night, almost starting the midnight. In the morning I do some things at home, and in the afternoon I go to school, then I can only midnight and it has worked very well.

7.     What is your favorite thing about blogging?

As a reader of blogs the opinion of the bloggers, some surprised me with its directness, in another I like that I can see another type of music, pictures or places. As Blogger has been an incredible experience! I have seen the work of many authors (including you) to promote their books, is amazing, and the work that’s behind it worthwhile.

8.     How many books have you read this year?

I have read 15 books so far this year,why few books? 12 of them have been in English , challenge me to start reading them so, and thanks to them I have improved a lot in the language, Thanks books!, The rest 3 have been in Spanish.

9.     Favorite food?

I plead guilty to being a fan of hamburgers! If you ask me  apart from the typical food of my country, Mexico, would be the Green Chilaquiles (are chips with tomato sauce, sometimes or most will put a little of spice, cheese and cream)

10. If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?

The list is long! But there are two places that have always been in the top ten: Spain and England. The first by some museums and the second for me is like the holy land of music.

11. If you could talk with any person in history (living or dead), who would it be?

Dead are several, from Salvador Dali, Federico Garcia Lorca, Jimmi Hendrix, George Harrison, Oscar Wilde, Frida Kahlo, among the living: Patti Smith, Joan Jett, The Rolling Stones, many authors.

12. The food everyone loves, but you don’t?

I do not like much the spicy! Yes, I know my country is famous for it, but it does not really like much. And the beets, of little girl the exchanged for cookies.

13. Fictional world you wish you could experience for yourself?

Hogwarts, Wonderland or Silent Hill! Still I hope in the mail has a letter saying: Welcome to Hogwarts. Silent Hill is so red and gray very creepy!

14. What weapon would you choose in a zombie attack?

Weapons … Katana! I like so fine they are and ok, this is not a weapon but it was great, Brad Pitt …. in World War Z was as immortal!

15. Anything you’d like to say to readers?

Follow your favorite authors, to follow all the news that has Michelle, follow her in their social networks,  to read! Listen to music! if they know of independent groups or of  rockNroll or books .. spend their recommendations on my blog and enjoy the Indie-Credible Author! There are many  authors Great!

This was fun was taking a bit of chocolate milk and cookies, and my brother wondering why Brad Pitt in weapons for a attack zombie, He say:by the virus and I: Nha He is immortal and handsome! LOL


4 thoughts on “Indie-Credible Event

  1. Okay, you made me blush (and maybe tear up a little too) 😉 Loved the interview and Ally’s answers were cute. Who wouldn’t want to get that letter from Hogwarts. It would be amazing. Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you Michelle!!! 🙂 thanks for the post! I’m happy for this day, I hope you liked the post, the music and the specials. And thank you Laura and Shirley,Well girls one day will we go to Hogwarts !

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