Sunday Sampler: The Book of Lost Souls


Another Summer Sunday Sampler from THE BOOK OF LOST SOULS.

“Great!” Gareth said. “We lost him again. I’ll never get Spike back to normal at this rate! And when I do, he won’t like eating his mealworms. He’ll be spoiled eating insects he’s caught in the wild.”

They stood at the base of the ditch where Spike had vanished into a rusty drainage pipe leading to a small retaining pond.

Bane knelt down to look inside. “I don’t know. He can’t go anywhere. He’s trapped in there. All Ivy has to do is go in after him.”

Ivy wrinkled her nose in disgust. “Are you insane? I’m not going in there!”

“She doesn’t have to,” Raven said. “If he can’t go anywhere, why can’t Ivy just aim a spell inside the pipe?”

Shayde nodded. “Good idea. Think you can do it, Ivy?”

Ivy considered the plan. “I don’t know. I’ve never aimed a spell at something I can’t see before.”

“Oh, come on, Ivy! Get him back,” Gareth pleaded. “Who knows when we’ll come across him again?”

Ivy sighed. Spike was Gareth’s pet. At least he used to be. And he’d trusted her. What if someone had lost Devlin? Gareth had done her a favor by letting her use Spike in the first place, which was more than she’d have done. She’d never have let anyone do anything to Devlin. She had to get Spike back.

“Fine,” she said, drawing closer to the pipe. Her friends hunkered down next to her, all eager to see what spell she’d choose to bring Spike out.

Ivy focused into the darkness and cast a simple Retrieval spell. There was a rustling sound, followed by the echoes of heavy thuds and thumps. Ivy distinctly heard feet shuffling against the pipe.

Gareth rubbed his hands together in anticipation. “Here he comes.”

The five of them flew backwards into the soggy ditch, avoiding the family of rats that flew out of the end of the pipe. The rats sailed overhead, screeching and wriggling furiously. One by one, they fell to the ground, each with a little sickening thud, before scurrying off in different directions, still shrieking with indignation.

Bane swore under his breath. Ivy disentangled herself from Raven.

“Uck!” Gareth said, wiping slimy green algae from his hands onto his pants.

“Well, that didn’t work,” Ivy said. “Sorry, guys. Really, I’m so sorry.” Ivy had never thought of herself as lucky or unlucky, at least not until the past twenty-four hours. Now, nothing she did worked out right.

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