Indie-Credible Event


Calling all bloggers!

Two of my favorite bloggers from Creative Deeds & Little Read Riding Hood are hosting and incredible event for indie authors and need your help. Here’s the scoop from Shirley’s Creative Deed’s blog:

This event is inspired and modeled after the fantastic Authors Are Rockstars Tour. They got to be so big, that they couldn’t include everyone that wanted to participate, so Laura (Little Read Riding Hood) and I decided to try and help out, and Indie-Credible Authors was born!

We have a list of incredible indie authors, and now we need bloggers to sign up to host them. Each pair will be assigned based on a number of factors, and Laura and I will do our best to match people up with their top choice. We do need participating bloggers to have read (and preferably reviewed) at least one of that author’s books. However if you have a compelling reason to want to host an author you have not read, we are open to being convinced. Give it a shot

Once all the pairings are made, we will assign dates for your posts (some authors have requested certain dates, but not many) and then it will be up to you to come up with a fabulous post for your author! It can be a guest post, interview, review, video, whatever! The point is to promote the fabulous indie authors we love so much. It will be between you and the author to decide what kind of post, and feel free to host a giveaway – though that is NOT required.

On Shirley’s and Laura’s blogs you will find a current list of all the participating authors, including yours truly. Want in? Click here to sign up here.


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