New Release: One Tiny Secret by Adam Kunz

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A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Adam’s new book. I’ve known Adam for a while now and I think he’s an amazing person. Smart, creative, nice as they come and funny as hell. I read One Tiny Secret in a single day. I love a good mystery now and then. My mother was probably the world’s biggest Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock fan, so I grew up watching countless whodunnits. I’m VERY good at figuring out who the culprit is early on. Just ask my husband who used to be annoyed at how quickly I was able to spot the killer on the TV shows we watch.

Did I figure out who did it in One Tiny Secret? Yes. But it took the better part of the book. Adam did his homework as a writer and laid down the tracks and clues subtly and one by one. That’s much harder than it sounds, folks. Did I see the twist after the reveal? No. I simply wasn’t expecting it because frankly, not many mystery/suspense writers employ what I call the Hitchcock method – added twists. That twist wasn’t just thrown in there, either. Nope. It was skillfully done. Adam set up the entire plot structure like a complex Domino train and it was delightful to watch them come down with such precision. One Tiny Secret also has something else I prefer in my suspense: a healthy dose of horror. I don’t do cozy mysteries.

It says  in my FAQ’s that I don’t do reviews and that’s true. I’m a writer, not a reviewer. But I adore Adam and I love his writing. Personally, I think he’s found his stride in dark suspense. I give One Tiny Secret

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Okay, so here’s the blurb:

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for 17+ due to language, violence, and sexual content.

Just one tiny secret has the potential to ruin everything.

Being the daughter of the sheriff in a small town like Holden Ridge means that eighteen-year-old Danielle “Dani” Marks’ life is under constant surveillance. She’s made a habit of staying under the radar by being a floater among social circles at school, which has kept her out of trouble—until now.

After a missing persons case stirs up the entire town, Dani finds herself caught right in the middle of the scandal. When she’s labeled a possible suspect, things quickly go from bad to worse. The sudden return of her old flame, Parker Reed, manages to make her whole situation even more complicated.

When an elusive unknown person begins to blackmail Dani by threatening to reveal her deepest secrets, Dani refuses to play along. That is, until the person’s actions take a violent turn. Holden Ridge loses its sense of quaint town security, and Dani is caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Who can she trust when anyone around her could be a suspect?

One thing’s for certain though: Never underestimate the power of one tiny secret.

Want to buy your own copy or download a sample? Yes, you do.  Amazon

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About the Author

Adam Kunz is the A part of the mother and son author duo C.A. Kunz. Growing up, he always had a fondness for R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series. So, it was a no brainer when he decided to write his own novel that it’d be a thrilling mystery with a dash of horror. When he’s not busy writing, Adam enjoys his job at a theme park in Orlando, Florida as a décor consultant. This job brings him face to face with all sorts of nightmarish creatures, especially when he decorates the haunted houses for the park’s annual Halloween event. It’s been said by many that his addiction to Starbucks coffee will most likely be his downfall later in life. If you would like to find out more about this author, C.A. Kunz, or  One Tiny Secret,  please visit the links below:

Author Website

Facebook Author Page

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