The Beelzepup Diaries: Pleased to Meet You. Hope You Guessed My Name


Hey! It’s Ronan again. Last week I said I’d tell you how Mom came up with calling me a Beelzepup.

I was just a pup – 10 wks old. I’d just settled in to my new home with Mom, Dad, and my new doggie sister, Tasha. Settling into a new home is ruff! So much to get into the first week!  Activities:
Digging in water bowls. This time, I did it outside.
Aerating Mom’s slippers.
There might have been a few other things, too, but I’m a fast learner. Mom wanted to see if I could climb, so she put up baby gates in the kitchen. It was exhausting, climbing over that first gate, but I just put one paw into the the holes and up I went! Nothing was going to keep me from snuggling with Mom!
Learning to climb over the baby gate.
I also left my mark by well, leaving my teeth marks in a widow sill. Oh! And the housebreaking! What IS it with you humans? You get to pee inside and we have to go in the yard?
Mom made this weird steel mini den in her bedroom for me to sleep at night. Put padding down and everything. But I was smarter than that! Well, no, I wasn’t. I was scared. Gimme a break! I was just a baby! All I wanted was to sleep with Mom. I knew that if I just kept at it all night for a couple of nights she’d have to see it my way. Luckily, she did.
My first big weekend out was with the whole family. We went to a local coffee shop and sat outside on the patio. Mom said it was a Sunday, which was silly, because I don’t recall there being any sun. Anyway, Mom and Dad were finishing their drinks, and big sister was laying at their feet. I was sitting in Mom’s lap. Ah! It was good to be the pup!  Anyway, people where ooohing and ahhing over me. I know, right? I was just so adorable!
I mean, just look at me!
Do I need a breath mint?

Do I need a breath mint?

I guess they’d all come to see me and it was a special event because most of the people there were all dressed up. Mom said something about church and the bible belt,  but I still don’t know what that means.
This woman  at the far end of the patio sees me and smiles. She gets up and comes toward us. “What kind of dog is that?” she shouts at Mom and Dad from halfway across the patio.
Mom got that question a lot. She was tired that morning, saying I’d kept her awake at night again or something ridiculous like that. I just looked up at her and waited for her to explain. “He’s a Beelzepup,” she replied.
I thought that was weird because I’d been told I was a Shikoku. But I guess I was now this new breed called a Beelzepup. It was sort of pleasing, thinking that I was the first of a whole new breed. Kinda like that tiger in Winnie the Pooh – the one who calls himself a Tigger.
The woman turned to face her husband and shouted back across the patio, “George! He’s a Beelzepup! I think our neighbors have one, too!”
Which can’t be! Blasphemy!
 Everyone of those other church-goers must have thought so too, because they all whipped their heads to look at us. I heard someone mention the words Beelzebub and demon, whatever those are.
Dad scrambled to his feet and took Tasha. Mom had me in her arms and followed. I wanted to tell them to wait, that those people clearly had misunderstood! Beelzepup only sounds like Beelzebub, but we were already in the car.
Anyway, now you know how Mom came up with that name. Beelzepup. It’s so cool that I’m the only one! Just like that Tigger guy.
Okay, that’s it for this week. I think the Fex Ex guy is here. Time to do my job and scare him away. I don’t get this guy! He comes back every so often to kill us all and I scare him off. Every time he leaves us a present to say he’s sorry. Silly humans!

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