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Please welcome a dear writer friend of mine, Anne Michaud. Anne is the author of Girls & Monsters, and to kick off her new book she’s offering a giveaway! But first, more about Anne:

She who likes dark things never grew up. She never stopped listening to gothic, industrial and alternative bands like when she was fifteen. She always loved to read horror and dystopia and fantasy, where doom and gloom drip from the pages.

She, who was supposed to make films, decided to write short stories, novelettes and novels instead. She, who’s had her films listed on festival programs, has been printed in a dozen anthologies and magazines since.

She who likes dark things prefers night to day, rain to sun, and reading to anything else.

When did you decide to become an indie author?

When I realized I was wasting precious time by querying agents/publishers while that very system was falling apart – because it has, whether or not we want to admit it to ourselves. I keep reading about writers selling themselves short and it’s never indie authors but those who persevere in the traditional publishing, so I decided to take the jump and query small presses, instead.

Your favorite part about being an indie author?

There’s no waiting forever to see your book come out, you can have as many releases as you wish in a year, and not many people can make money off your hard work (besides pesky hackers, that is). It’s the freedom of that option that makes it worthwhile, too – you decide what and when, you chooses how to proceed and where to go next. Power to the indie authors, I say.

What do you think readers will appreciate most about your book?

The five stories are very different from one another, and not only because of their monsters and main characters, but by their very approach to horror. I don’t believe the horror genre is only about blood and gore, there are many levels that can scare  or creep us out, and this is what I wanted to do with Girls & Monsters.

What is different about this book compared to others you’ve written?

It’s a collection, and although it is the first of a trilogy, the writing process itself wasn’t like my usual novel exploring. For each story, I dug deep to find a different voice to come up with characters that weren’t only easy to identify with, but girls that didn’t have much in common, when compared to one another. Writing five stories with five unique worlds was quite a challenge, but I’m now addicted.

If you could do one thing over again in regards to writing, what would it be?

 I would start very early on, say when I was about twelve or thirteen years old, and keep at it through thick and thin until I get published. For so long I thought only impossibly intelligent people could write books, like philosophers and geniuses, but I was wrong all along and wasted time by not believe I could do it. So that’s what I would change: time and believing in my own voice.

What are your top three writing tools?

A pen, a journal, and my laptop. I write ideas, names, outlines, bits of dialogue – everything in my journal, and then I use my computer to write the actual story. Without these three items, I’d be a very sad camper.

Vanilla or chocolate?

Caramel.  (I couldn’t agree more, Anne!)

Cats or dogs?

Crazy cat lady all the way.

Coffee or tea?


Early riser or dirty stay-up-all-nighter?

Early bird, just like a crow.

Food you like the most? The least?

Ice cream, cheese, butter, bread, pasta; meat (I’m a vegetarian).

What weapon would you choose in the zombie apocalypse?

Rollerblades and a sharp hockey stick (I am Canadian, ya know!)

What spell should have been invented at Hogwarts?  (create your own spell)

Copy-editing an entire novel with one swipe of the wand. (I LOVE this! Have I mentioned that I love this?)

And now for the links and the giveaway Anne is hosting on her blog – be sure to drop in!



Aren’t they adorable? The winner will be announced during the LIVE CHAT on release day, April 30th at 9PM east  so DON’T MISS IT!

Other places to find Anne:

Girls & Monsters on Amazon 



Twitter: @annecmichaud

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