The Secret World of Alaina Downs by Rebecca Rynecki



Book Title: The Secret World of Alaina Downs
Book Author: Rebecca Rynecki
Genre: NA Fantasy/Romance
Synopsis: When 22 year old Alaina stumbles into a world that she thought only existed in her mind, she is understandably a little bit freaked out. Who wouldn’t be? Characters that she had written down years ago are walking, and talking, and telling her that she is the only one who can save the princess and the kingdom of Isleen. Um…okay. As she travels down to the southern kingdom with Sir Gabriel, a really hot knight, she falls off horses, has an interaction with an evil witch, gets attacked by a sea creature, and even falls from lust into love.

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Gabriel glanced at her. She was lying on her side, facing him. “I think if I ever got a chance to tell you more of my stories, you would realize that it is one of the few tame ones.”
Alaina smiled. “I guess I’ve been warned then. Are you cold?”
“You look cold. Get closer, maybe I’m the one who has the secret heat creating powers.” Gabriel silently moved closer to her. “Now, then,” she said, adjusting the blanket over the two of them, “go on, tell me.”
Gabriel adjusted himself so he was lying on his right side. “Well, I have to tell you that this tale has wonder in it.”
“Ah…wonder.” Alaina nodded seriously. “Always a good way to start.”
“Exactly. And fear.” He chuckled. “I thought I was either going to vomit or shit my trousers.”
“I hope neither happened!” Alaina laughed softly.
“Well…” Gabriel raised his eyebrows before he shook his head. “No. None of that happened.”
“So, what did?”
“I climbed on, and my knuckles were so white from shaking so much. I held onto that dragon’s hairs like…” He fisted his hands to show her.
Alaina smiled. “Yeah.”
He stared into her eyes, his heartbeat quickening. “And my stomach dropped, and I was flying…and falling, and…it was maddening.”
“And you did it again and again.”
Gabriel nodded slowly. “Every time I go up, it’s different.”
“Better or worse?” she whispered.

About the author: Rebecca Rynecki graduated from Hollins University in the southwestern Virginia mountains with a very useful degree in history. She now lives in the hills of Connecticut with her husband and their er, adorable toddler son. When she’s not writing, Rebecca bakes cookies and cupcakes and runs a lot.  She also sings along, very badly, to musicals and works as a librarian which involves giving patrons the evil eye.  She’s the author of the Alaina Downs trilogy which currently consists of The Secret World of Alaina Downs and its upcoming sequel The Knight’s Ill-Thought Bargain.

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