The Week In Review

First up, wishing my sis a VERY happy birthday tomorrow. Love ya, Sis!

Sorry for not posting much lately, folks. There’s something about being on tour, redoing basement floors, and organizing things in my life that have taken up far more time than there is in a day.


In book news, I’ve started a Street Team and they’re an awesome bunch. You’ll be hearing more about them soon as I couldn’t be happier or luckier to have them on board.


The Haunting Season is now in paperback! Yay! And, it continues to rack up some extraordinary reviews:

A Diamond In The Dark

Bookishly Devoted

Amazon review – Pereza Thompson

Splash Of Our Worlds

Readers In Wonderland

A Book Vacation

The London Diaries



I’ve been going through some growing pains with the writing biz and needed to revamp processes. The new year and crunch time for more books meant I had to come up with best practices. How I hated that terminology in the corporate world. But, here I am, doing just that. Figuring out what practices work and what doesn’t. Add to that, I needed to find a better way of keeping track of stuff. The pieces of paper stuck to my monitor looked awful. Notes on my desk only proved impossible to go through. Calendars were overstuffed. My method of task management didn’t quite work for the way I needed it to. While it still worked, and in fairness, still works for my personal life, no longer fit.

Ugh! Growing pains! Who has time for that? *sigh* But I had to do something. So, I started using Omnifocus. I’ve been a Things user for years. I love the simplicity, the beauty of Things. There’s no learning curve aside from a basic understanding of GTD. I can find stuff in it quite easily. I tried Omnifocus back in the summer. Frankly, it was too complicated and I didn’t have the patience or the downtime for such a huge learning curve. I couldn’t find my tasks. It wasn’t attractive. And while I saw the sheer potential, the power, for my needs then, it was like using a bazooka to swat a fly. But, with the street team, the new book, the tour, and a sudden and welcome change in sales, plus some other ideas and production things, PLUS more books in store for the year, my tasks and writing projects became more difficult. I liked the idea of Siri working with me to get stuff into my GTD system. I liked the way OF handled Reviews. And, if I could just wrestle the app enough, I could configure it to show me various and much needed Perspectives that changed through the day as my day changed.

My current setup in testing is OF handles all my writing tasks. Things is still handling the personal stuff since hubby occasionally looks at this list too. He’s not up for ANY learning curve. My calendar is for posts that appear on my own blog. While it sounds weird, it’s actually easier than what I’ve been doing.

My mantras for 2013?

Everything you must have owns you.

Don’t organize what you need/plan to get rid of.

I can paint,stain, and caulk with the best of them. Hubby can install a garbage disposal, a light fixture, and a new faucet. But when it comes to installing flooring? We’re hiring a professional from here on out.



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