The Haunting Season – Thursday Teaser

The reviews are starting to come in for The Haunting Season and I couldn’t be more excited!

Read the latest review from Bend In The Book Binding.  “I definitely could see this story on the big screen.  It should be made into a huge horror movie in my opinion, because if the book scared the crap out of me; I can only imagine what would happen if I saw this in movie form.” ~Jess, Bend In The Book Binding.

Another one on Amazon warns readers to keep a nightlight on. Then, there are these two from Goodreads:

“This book scared the crap out of me. I loved it. It was a wild ride full of nail-biting, ‘holy crap’ moments. I WILL so be re-reading this one!” ~Lori, Contagious Reads

” The plot was mysterious, many scenes were really creepy, and the characters were wonderfully crafted. While I was reading this, I kept imagining the story on the big screen, it definitely has the potential to be a scary movie.” ~Jessica

So, want to read one of those creepy scenes?


Ouija board scene from chapter 23:

Allison backed up a few steps. “Now you’ve done it.” Tears began to flow down her cheeks, but at least her voice had returned to its normal pitch. “They’re angry.”

Who?” Jess implored. “The demons? Riley? Who?” She could only stare at the board now.

“Make it stop!” Allison demanded. “Jess, just make it stop. Tell the board good-bye!”

The planchette continued its figure eights. It took all her will not to get up and run.

She’s right! Tell it! Tell it!

“I don’t know much about Ouija boards, but I think Allison’s right,” Gage said. His eyes were wide now, all pretense of calmness gone.

“Good-bye,” Jess said weakly.

The planchette didn’t stop.

“What do you know about all of this, Allison?” Gage’s eyes were focused on the board as if it were a venomous snake. “What’s it doing?”

Allison shook her head. Her voice was quiet. “You won’t believe me. No one would.”

How could Allison be calm all of the sudden? Because that is what Allison did. She shut down. She’d found someplace to hide within herself and she wasn’t coming out until she felt it was safe again.

“Try me,” Gage insisted.

“I shouldn’t have come up here. I knew it.” Allison took another step back. “Something’s wrong with the board.”

“You think?

“He’s not alone,” Allison announced as she stopped at the doorway. One of her shoelaces on her sneakers had come untied, but she didn’t seem to notice. Allison wasn’t home.

“Riley isn’t the only one here,” she said, eyes glassy. “We need to go.”

That was all Jess needed to hear. The time for false bravado had passed. She scooted backward, letting the board fall to the ground. Gage followed her lead. The planchette clattered to a stop, still on top of the board. With a quick jerk, it returned to its center, however. Jess yelped. The board vibrated a few beats as though some epic struggle was going on for control of the planchette.

Finally, the planchette began to move, gliding slowly over letters.


Gage grabbed her arm and pulled her up.

Again, the planchette abruptly returned to the middle before hovering over three more letters in quick succession.


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