Coffin Hop 2012: Death By Drive-In

COFFIN HOP 2013: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN is a collection of 22 amazing tales of terror by some of the best and brightest of the Coffin Hop crew. The anthology will be revealed next September, with 22 amazing B-movie inspired stories from some of the best Indie authors around. All profits from the anthology (as well as our Coffin Hop store) will be donated to Reading Tree/ Discover Books

The exclusive Collector’s EP features four stories from Amy K. Marshall, Jessica McHugh, C.W. LaSart and the redoubtable Red Tash.

  • A strange outbreak in the wilds of Alaska just may spell unexpected doom for the world.
  • Who are we, really? Where did we come from? And who stole Betty’s brain?
  • Glenda is hot, available, and addicted to Pinterest. She’s also totally wild, in the most primal sense of the word. What else could a lonely guy ask for?
  • Did old Mrs. Danek really see a spaceship? Her doctor questions her sanity, but can he explain her symptoms, or survive the last appointment of the night?

There’s also an introduction by Coffin Hop Grand Poobah, Axel Howerton, and a special cliffhanger episode of Robot Lincoln and Zombie Jackson as they face the sinister Dr. Acula and his steam-powered supermen!

How can you purchase yourself this amazing morsel of Halloween confection?

Here’s the best part.

You can’t.

The special “Collector’s EP” of Coffin Hop: Death By Drive-In will only be available, exclusively, and for a very limited time, as a SPECTACULAR one-of-a-kind (alright, 150-ish of a kind) prize during the COFFIN HOP event, running from October 24 – 31 on our member websites. That means that if you want to be one of the elite, select, miniscule number of fans with a sneak peek at next year’s best collection of short horror. You need to get out your best Hoppin’ boots, get on down to the bone yard, and do a little dance.

Now, for fans of the magnificent Michelle Muto – leave your comments below and we will choose one winner at random for a free e-book copy!


3 thoughts on “Coffin Hop 2012: Death By Drive-In

  1. The Coffin Hop picture at the top really creeps me out – well done.

    If all Hell is about to break loose, bring it on


  2. I agree with Mary Preston; the orifice Coffin Hop image never fails to give me the creeps! Oh, the gross-out! It wouldn’t be horror if there wasn’t at least some cringing, right?

    Happy Coffin Hopping!


    PS The link to your site on the Coffin Hop linkytools seems to have a typo; it brought me to a non-existent WordPress blog before I figured out the correct URL.

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