Decatur Book Festival 2012

Labor Day weekend was hot. Really hot. In my mind they don’t call it Hot Lanta for any other reason. I’m not lying when I say it was 97 degrees with a heat index of at least 102. It was also the site for the Decatur Book Festival, where I spent two days in a tent with two of my fellow YA authors. The battery powered fans only helped slightly. I might have carpel tunnel from fanning myself with a hand-held fan. Worse, I tend to get sick in the heat. Fortunately, I didn’t this time.

Getting to the fair was a monumental feat in itself. Everything prior to the show was a catastrophe. Some days, I think technology hates me, LOL! Going to the fair, our Tom-Tom Nav system had me going in circles. I only live 45 minutes from Decatur, give or take, but with the nav system, it took over an hour. No, I don’t drive down to Atlanta much. I sort of avoid large cities. On day two, I used my iPhone’s Google nav system. Well, it’s really the Maps app and can hardly be called a nav system for a reason which became very clear to me when I left downtown late Sunday night. Never again. I’m checking into a different app. Have suggestions for the iPhone? Let me know.

Was it worth it? The heat, the technology meltdown, the time and effort? Yes. I got to reunite with my fab friends from the Paranormal Plumes, shared a tent with Amy Jones and S.R. Johannes from the Indelibles, finally met several incredible authors I’ve only previously had the pleasure of meeting on-line, and talked to several of my favorite book bloggers and fans. I signed a lot of books, which made me feel very humbled. My apologies for what looks like left-handed chicken scrawl, folks.

When the fair shut down at 6 every night we headed out for dinner, cool drinks, and best of all, air-conditioning.

Would I go again? Not on your life. Any book fair I attend from here out will be in the fall or spring, or indoors. Still, the contacts I made, and the friends I hung out with made it a weekend to remember.


6 thoughts on “Decatur Book Festival 2012

  1. I was supposed to be there but didn’t have the money to make it. Email me for a list of events that you may be interested in. E 🙂

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of FINALLY HOME,a middle grade/YA paranormal mystery written similar to a Nancy Drew mystery

  2. Elysabeth – if I didn’t already live in Georgia, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it either. Other events? Not sure yet. For the time being, I’m going to focus on writing.

    Emma – It was unbearably hot.

    PR – It was!

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