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I’m back from visiting my sister in Maryland and I’m trying to catch up on things at the home front. You know how it goes, right? Why is it that we often need a vacation when we get back from vacation? Does anyone else feel this way?


THE BOOK OF LOST SOULS: To start off, if you haven’t yet heard, The Book of Lost Souls is now a finalist on eFestival of Words site for Best Young Adult novel 2012. If you’ve read and loved The Book of Lost Souls, I’d truly appreciate your vote.

Log-in,  go to the Awards Hall (which you can find bottom right of screen if not at the top and then scroll down the e-mail type things which list each category). Then,  go to the Young Adult Finalists poll and cast your vote.
I’m really pleased since Don’t Fear the Reaper has already been selected as the LDS Women’s Book Review Top Ten Pick for 2011.


MEET ME: I’ll be at the Decatur Book Festival in Decatur Georgia, September 1st & 2nd, 2012.  I’m sharing a booth with S. R. Johannes (Untraceable), Jesse Harrell ( Destined), and Amy Maurer Jones (Wildflower & the Soul Quest Trilogy).   Look for us under the publisher booth Coleman and Stott, S. R. Johannes’s publishing house. From what I’ve heard, we’ll be on Young Adult row somewhere near the stage. I’d love to meet you if you happen to be in the area.
Now, back to edits for the new book. Yes! I said new book. Details soon!

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