Getting SuperGeeky: Paperless Workflow w/ my Mac & Hazel

I’ve posted a few posts early last year on going paperless. Why go paperless? I hate filing. I love to geek. I love the environment. I despise clutter.

For the extra geeky, and for those with a Mac, read how I automatically scan, then have my Mac name, file, sort, and mark documents for possible record retention. The post is over on Document Snap’s blog.

Heads up, what the post doesn’t tell you is my equipment. I have a Mac, and I use a Fujitsu Scansnap 1300 (brilliant, must have device for going paperless). I have the Scansnap set to run OCR on the first page. I have a copy of Hazel, which if you own a Mac, just go buy it now. I’ll wait. It’s $15. Hazel does so much more for me than just my paperless workflow, but I’ll keep this post limited to just that – my paperless workflow.

Now, all I do when I have a biller than for whatever reason is still using paper, I just drop the bill into the Scansnap and my Mac does EVERYTHING else. It names it. It files it. It sorts it into the correct folder and subfolder. Finding the item later is a snap. Since the Mac is doing all the work, the files are always consistently named. They’re filed properly every single time.

What about items that I get via ebill? I download them to an action folder. Hazel monitors it and does the exact same workflow.

I had planned on doing an entire Going Paperless series here, and I will. In all my free time. I promise. These posts are old, and I hope to redo them someday, but you might still find them useful:

Going Paperless

Going Paperless: Digital File Keeping

Going Paperless: Data Security

Still, if you have questions, ask them below. I’ll do my best to answer them. Plus, it’ll be helpful when I go to redo my workflow posts in the future.

Yeah, I really am Nerd Girl.

Now back to the manuscript.


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