Blogger Spotlight: Cinta from Cinta’s Corner

Hi everyone! It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for Blogger Spotlight! Please welcome Cinta from Cinta’s Corner. The internet and ebooks have opened up the world for readers, book bloggers, and authors alike. Cinta lives in Spain. I think that’s so cool, and I’m so glad to have her on the blog today. Cinta has some good advice – read on and take notes.

Name: Cinta

Blog: Cinta’s Corner.


Genres read: I am a very eclectic reader, so I guess it will be easier to say the genres that I don’t read. Basically, I don’t read horror books. And the genres that I get more requests for being reviewed are thrillers and romance novels.

Preferred submission type: print book or Kindle e-books. Since I live in Spain and most of the authors I review are either British or American, I guess Kindle format is easier. I really don’t mind. Just as it is more handy for the author.

Do you read/review indie books? Absolutely. Indeed, the majority of books I review are written by Indie authors.

What I’d like to read more of: original stories that keep you reading without noticing the time ticking away. I would love to read more stories with unexpected twists that make you gasp while reading. I would love to read more characters that grow along the story, not only flat ones.

What I see too much of: too many people trying to write continuations of Jane Austen books. Too many stories that remind me of other stories that I have already read. Too many characters that are not reliable or realistic at all.

What an author should and should not do when contacting me:

  • DON’Ts –> I really don’t like it when writers follow me in Twitter and, the moment I follow them back, send me a private message telling me to read their books. I also don’t like it when they tell me what I have to say in my review; I think that is up to me, since it is MY review. I always offer honest reviews, so I don’t want the authors to tell me what I have to write.
  • DOs –> I like the authors to interact a bit before asking me if I want to review their books. I would like the authors to visit my website, so they can see if they like my way of reviewing books, or the kind of reviews I have already written.


Are you a book reviewer with a blog? Would you like to be on Blogger Spotlight? Contact me. There’s no catch – I’m not asking for reviews or promo of any sort. Instead, I’d like to promote YOU. Okay, so there is ONE catch: you have to review fiction (any genre). Bloggers do so much for the reading community. I’d like to give a little back.


9 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight: Cinta from Cinta’s Corner

  1. This is a great idea. I can see how posts like this one can help authors find a reviewer who’ll fit their books better than asking someone who, like Cinta, might not read horror or some other genre.

    Also, this is directly to Cinta. I see they you don’t care much for continuations of Austen novels. What’s your feelings on books like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I also just found a series from the 1990’s that’s “Jane Austen Mysteries.” I picked up the first book because it seemed like a funny concept: Jane Austen solving a mystery.

    • Hello, Robert. It is not that I don’t care much about Austen fan fiction and continuations. Indeed, I have lots of those books and some are very enjoyable. However, I find that most of them want to continue Pride and Prejudice, but not the book, but the 1995 film! That makes me angry. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is in my TBR list, together with another one with the same title but by a different author. I feel curious about these books, but I do think that too many people are trying to write the same books. I didn’t know about the “Jane Austen Mysteries” series, but I will look for it. Thanks for the comment, Rob! 😀

      • Wow, they use the store from the movie as a basis. I would never have thought an author would use anything but the original P&P. I’m glad to see you want to give P&P&Z a chance. I’m curious to know what an Austen fan thinks. I just got a copy last week.

        The Austen Mysteries is written by Stephanie Barron, if you were thinking about searching for them.

        Thanks for commenting back 😀

      • You would be surprised, Robert. Imagine my shock when one of those authors told me she had just watched the movie and she had never read the book O_O

      • That’s terrible. I’ll admit I saw the movie before reading the book. But I’m also not someone trying to write a book based on either, haha. I can’t understand some people’s thoughts sometimes. At the same time, the author might have been able to write a great book either way, but there’s a slim chance I’m thinking.

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