The Indie 400: RaShelle Workman

it’s June! Can you believe it? Welcome to the first June edition of The Indie 400! This week, it’s RaShelle Workman with her YA sci-fi romantic thriller, BEGUILED – book 2 in the Immortal Essence series. The book will be available this month. Good timing, right?

RaShelle, what drives you as a writer?

The need to see an idea through from start to finish.

Good answer! Ready, readers? Here’s this week’s 400:

He’d been watching Venus for hours. As the grieving kelarians passed his hiding spot, heading down toward the heart of the city, he sampled their essence. He doubted they even realized what happened since they were already filled with sadness, and pain. Siphoning vitality came as easily to Michael as breathing.

Michael used the kelarians like an all-you-can-eat buffet to curb the overwhelming urge he had to steal Venus away, that he might imprison her body, and soul. He didn’t know whether it was because she’d rejected him, and he wanted what he couldn’t have, or if Ramien would desire her irresistible smelling essence as strongly. Regardless, he wanted her. Wanted to taste her essence. If he were honest with himself, he’d admit he craved her body, too. The electric blue of her eyes, the gentle slope of her breasts, and hips, the slimness of her waist, and her pouty red lips.

A teammate on his football team had been in rehab twice for Meth addiction. After his second release he’d talked to his teammates. It was supposed to be part of his twelve steps to recovery. Step eight, if Michael recalled. When the boy spoke of the way the drug made him feel, his eyes turned distant, glassy. He’d said, “Meth meant more to me than food or water. It took over my life. I had no desire for sleep. There was nothing in the world more important. Only Meth could comfort me, bring me joy. Meth was my friend, my lover, and my reason for existing. Without it, I was nothing. Without it, I wanted to die. Scoring more Meth was the one constant in my life. I’d do anything, anything to have it.”

At the time, Michael believed the kid to be nuts. Now, he thought he might understand. The more souls he sampled, the more he wanted. And with Venus so close, the craving for hers had become almost unbearable. She smelled like freshly baked brownies, only better, if that were possible. Sweat beaded above his lip, as he restrained himself. He’d wait until she was alone.

Finally, the last mourner left. Then Venus sent Zaren, and the girl who’d stood next to her, away. Last to leave had been the guy he guessed was a priest.

He creeped toward her. The closer he got, the fiercer his craving. When he was only a few feet away, he noticed her shoulders shaking, and realized she was crying. That gave him pause as a stronger emotion pushed its way through. The necessity to protect her.

She turned. At seeing her tearstained face, his hunger didn’t subside, but became less important.

“It’s you,” she said.

So, what do you think? Great stuff, right? RaShelle’s entry comes in at 407 words. Nice! Here’s where to find more from RaShelle:







Oh, and what  car would RaShelle like to take for a spin out of the Indie Garage today?

How about this Lamborghini Aventador.

Oh yeah! And I think RaShelle is going to have to have a passenger. 🙂 See you later, readers! The road is calling.


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