Blogger Spotlight: Megan From the Paperbook Princess


Welcome to another edition of Blogger Spotlight. This week, I’d love for you to met Megan from the Paperbook Princess. If you think the blog name is cute, and think that Megan has loads of  personality (that warm-hearted, fun smile says it all, doesn’t it?), then you’ll want to read more about her. Megan has some great advice for authors, so read up and take notes!

Name: My name is Megan, but my niece calls me Mimi 🙂

 Blog name: My blog is called Paperbook Princess


Genres read: On my blog I review young adult books because that is the genre I tend to read the most, but I love a good romance as well as many other adult genres, (hello Fever series) basically if it’s a good story especially by an author I have read before I’ll read it.

Preferred submission type: Being from Canada I was not familiar with and didn’t have a kindle, but I have discovered the kindle app for my IPAD and I LOVE it so I now prefer books in .mobi file. But I also accept PDF form as well. I also would accept physical copies but being as I am in Canada I haven’t actually received any yet but I can always hope someone might offer me one someday.

Do you read/review indie books? I LOVE reading and reviewing indie books, since starting my blog in March I have read so many of them! Before I started my blog I was completely unaware that there were so many amazing books by indie authors!

What I’d like to read more of: I love a good romance, I know I read YA books but for the older young adult crowd there is always the opportunity for a good romance, through in a little magic or something and I am in heaven!

What I see too much of: As much as I love vampires’ I think I am starting to get bored of them. I also see a lot of love triangles, which I absolutely LOVE it’s just too bad the guy I would pick is always left behind!

What an author should and should not do when contacting me: When an author contacts me they should first look at my review policy, I always feel so bad telling an author I can’t review their book… but I have a YA blog so I will not review your adult erotica on my site, I’m sorry but I just can’t do it for obvious reasons. I also appreaciate it when I get a request that is personalized, I understand the same request is probably being sent to many other people, but if you just said Hi Megan, or something to that affect it could honestly make my entire day!


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