Blogger Spotlight: Lauren from The Housework Can Wait

Hi everyone! Welcome back. This week on Blogger Spotlight, please welcome Lauren from The Housework Can Wait. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think the title is perfect for a blog on books, don’t you? I love it! What I also love is some of the VERY sound advice Lauren supplies. Read up, fellow authors!

Your name: Lauren

Your blog name: The Housework Can Wait


 Genres read: YA (and occasionally Adult) sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, paranormal, speculative fiction and a smattered assortment of whatever else strikes my fancy.

Preferred submission type: I accept both ebooks and paper copies, but have a definite preference for paper. I love being able to loan out books to friends, plus getting them signed is pretty neat. It’s hard to do either of those with ebooks. I mean, you can only get that iPad screen signed so many times before it makes it kinda hard to use…

Do you read/review indie books? Absolutely!

 What I’d like to read more of: Genre mash-ups. I like when books don’t fit neatly into a little box, and they include a bunch of seemingly contrasting elements, yet somehow work. I’m still holding out for someone to write an awesome book featuring dragons and aliens.

Flawed main characters. And flawed love interests. And flawed main characters falling for flawed love interests.

Also, realistic love stories.

Epic Battles. Especially when we can bring back ALL THE CHARACTERS. So the Battle of Hogwarts was basically my favorite thing ever.

What I see too much of: Female protagonists who think they’re nothing special, but are really The Most Gorgeous Girl Anyone Has Ever Seen.

Male protagonists/love interests who are Ridiculously Handsome while being Awesome at Everything.


Love triangles (sometimes love can be challenging enough all on its own without throwing another person into the mix).

Dei ex machina.

Twilight references, Twilight copycats, Twilight parodies, Twilight Twilight Twilight.

What an author should and should not do when contacting me:

Should Do:

  • Be nice.
  • Be real.
  • Use my name.
  • Make it obvious you’ve actually visited my site and read my posts.
  • Let me know what your book is about, and why you think I, personally, would like it.
  • Respond to email promptly.
  • Give me plenty of time to read and review your book. A couple months is great. It lets me read it when I’m ready and in the mood, which makes the reading experience a lot more enjoyable.

Should Not Do:

  • C&P a generic form letter.
  • Use quotes from other authors/reviewers to convince me to read your book.
  • Ask me to read a book outside of the genres I typically review, with no explanation.

8 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight: Lauren from The Housework Can Wait

  1. I really enjoyed Lauren’s spotlight. As both a writer and reader, the title The Housework Can Wait caught my eye. Too often I think ‘I’ll get the housework done FIRST, then I can do…’ but by the time I’m done cleaning, I only want to veg. lol
    fyi: The link to Lauren’s site within your post did not work, but I visited THCW via her name/link above. 😉

    • Uh-oh, I promise that link was working when I submitted it! BOO technology. Hopefully Michelle can work some magic and fix it. But thanks for persevering and getting to my site anyway 🙂 Thanks for checking out my spotlight!

      And I need more of your discipline with the cleaning-first thing. I mean, there’s a reason my blog has that title…

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  3. A nice feature and interview, I really enjoyed it! My main problem is thinking I can do the housework first then have time afterwards to do what I please. But usually, I either do so little or I don’t get around to doing it.

    This probably doesn’t relate much to your site but I wonder if you can do a feature post on the site, ReadWave?

    I would be very grateful if you could get back to me on my blog (the link is there if you click my name) or by email:

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